More capacity, less costs. Renew your tape library today!

When you are always under pressure to be efficient and add value, it can be difficult to find the right balance between speed, cost and performance.


Thankfully, switching to the new HPE StoreEver tape library is really simple.


With the latest LTO-8 technology on the HPE StoreEver MSL3040, you can reduce your support costs by at least 40%* and future-proof your organisation’s data storage.

The MSL3040 offers:


  • Double the capacity for every upgrade of units and data carriers**.
  • Lower costs per GB and faster performance, saving time and reducing the strain on the IT budget***.

Small libraries and automatic chargers cannot be expanded with additional drives and slots. If you upgrade to an HPE StoreEver MSL3040 tape library, you can add new drives and slots at any time.


And that’s not all: HPE StoreEver is the only solution that allows you to install the drives from your old HPE library into the new one at no additional cost. This allows you to use different data storage devices, scale additional performance and optimally utilise the potential of your investment.


You can also take advantage of our HPE Financial Services to spread the initial cost of your new HPE StoreEver MSL3040, making it more affordable.