Digital wellness with Logitech – Feel better. Do better.

Bad posture is one of the biggest risk factors for repetitive strain injuries, symptoms of which include tense arms, shoulder, back and wrist pain. To tackle all of these complaints, Logitech has put together its Ergo Series.

Logitech Ergo products have been developed according to specific criteria defined by leading ergonomists. They offer solutions that improve posture, increase comfort and are proven to relieve muscle tension. Ergonomic products boost users’ well-being which results in optimised productivity. Workplaces are becoming more user-friendly thanks to redesigned tools that adapt to the user not the other way round. Work as you usually would—but better.


The MX Vertical science-driven design is gentle on the wrist thanks to its adaptable shape. It reduces the strain on the forearm muscles by enabling a natural handshake position.

  • The unique 57° angle allows you to position your hand comfortably, ensuring ergonomic posture
  • Use the Easy-Switch™ feature to effortlessly switch between different devices to transfer files, documents and images
  • 4000 dpi high-precision sensor, resulting in 4 x less hand movement
  • Fast charging thanks to the latest technologies. Stay powered for up to four months on a full charge
  • Logitech Flow allows you to customise application-specific functions and buttons.



The MX Ergo perfectly combines ergonomics and performance. With its unique ergonomic design and built-in trackball, muscle strain is reduced by 10% and posture is improved.

  • The unique 0 or 20° tilt ensures comfort and a natural hand position that can be adjusted as required
  • Perfect for trackball fans Thumb control ensures less movement Advanced tracking reduces muscle strain by 20%
  • Use the Easy-Switch™ feature to effortlessly switch between different devices to transfer files, documents and images
  • Unique precision scroll wheel and precision mode button (dpi) for optimum control. Adjust the speed and precision with just one click of a button


Logitech ERGO M575.

The ERGO M575 makes sure that movements is kept to a minimum to maximise comfort. By using the wireless mouse with ergonomically shaped trackball, with no need to move your arm around to move the cursor, your hand and arm stay relaxed. 

  • The ERGO M575 has been designed to fit the shape of your hand Reduce fatigue in your hand and arm by considerably minimising strain.
  • The extremely precise trackball control helps you work more ergonomically Your thumb will glide across the smooth ball surface with total ease thanks to transparent finish coating
  • The ERGO M575 needs much less pace because thumb control means you don’t need to move the mouse around making it perfect for small desks and for those whose workplace is cluttered with files. 
  • Connecting via Bluetooth® Low Energy or the included USB receiver, the ERGO M575 delivers a powerful, reliable signal over a range of up to 10 m. Work with Windows or macOS without having to worry about connection issues or lag.



The Ergo K860 is an exceptionally comfortable and ergonomic keyboard designed with a curved and split keyframe. Its unique design gives users a more beneficial and comfortable hand position than with standard keyboards, improves posture and reduces muscle strain.

  • The padded wrist rest provides extra support and comfort
  • The innovative palm lift feature ensures optimum positioning (individually adjustable legs)
  • Easier finger alignment through tactile details gives an extravagant typing feel
  • Fluid and ultra-precise typing on the matte surface without compromising on speed or precision
  • Minimalist and high-quality design that fits perfectly in with your Logitech setup.