Modern high-end design and brand new technologies...


...combined to make working simpler and better. These monitors fulfil the strictest ergonomic and sustainability requirements to support a healthy work environment. With the S7 series, Philips sets new standards in innovation of business monitors.


SmartErgoBase is a monitor stand that makes ergonomic display comfort and cable management possible. Its many settings ensure optimal positioning that makes even long working days bearable. Cable management waves goodbye to cable tangles and brings order to your desk. Thanks to SmartErgoBase, Philips monitors can be height-adjusted almost down to desk level to provide you with a comfortable angle of view. The small distance between the frame and desk is perfect for those who wear varifocal glasses. The monitor can also be set at different heights so that you can work at your preferred angle and height, reducing fatigue and aches.



Bezelless design.

Style meets ideas: A three-sided bezelless display characterises the design of this new series, making these monitors perfect for use next to one another. And their classic, elegant style means they work perfectly in any environment




Simple image optimisation. SmartImage is an exclusive, market-leading technology from Philips that analyses displayed image content to ensure you experience optimal display performance. The user-friendly interface lets you select from numerous modes for the office, photos, films, games, energy-saving and more, depending on the application you are using. Depending on your selection, SmartImage adjusts the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of photos and videos for peak display performance, while energy saving mode enables greatly reduced energy consumption. And all in real time at the push of a button!


More highlights.

HDMI, Easy Read & speaker. An HDMI-ready device features all hardware for receiving HD signals (high-definition multimedia interface). An HDMI cable facilitates high-quality audio and video signals to be transferred via a single cable from a PC or other AV source such as set-top boxes, DVD players, AV receivers, and video cameras. EasyRead mode for a paper-like reading experience. The display has high-quality stereo speakers built in to it. Depending on the model and design, these are either visible from the front, invisible underneath, or attached at the back.



SoftBlue technology.

SoftBlue LED technology uses intelligent technology to reduce harmful blue light without affecting the image on your monitor. SoftBlue LED technology is certified by international test organisation TÜV Rheinland and is proved to reduce harmful blue light.