Samsung Flip 2

65" interactive display

Draw, write & inspire new ideas.
Pen mode notation.

Samsung Flip 2 provides users with a smooth and familiar pen to paper writing experience in a variety of available colours, styles and widths. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. In addition, users can quickly erase content with finger or palm swipe.
Sketch and write on any background. By simply clicking the note layer button, add comments, sketches or other notes to the displayed content without changing the original background.



Multi-writing with up to 4 people
Passive pen
Flexible erasing




Flexible image editing.
Select & merge.

Samsung Flip 2 brings versatility to the board so that users can quickly and easily select, move, crop, capture, and edit all kinds of files. Each image can also be merged with the design a click of a button, allowing them to be edited, sent or erased.





Suitable for all business needs.
Various form options.

Samsung Flip 2 can be used for a wide range of business applications, thanks to its embedded versatile templates. Use the Flip 2 as a calendar, scheduler, for notes or as a checklist. Find out how Samsung Flip 2 can make your business life more efficient with its range of customisable templates and features.

Multiple connection options.
Flexible connectivity.

Users are empowered by the Flip 2’s versatile connection options. USB, HDMI, NFC and screen sharing capabilities enable you to flexibly connect to the Flip 2 and view or share content from other devices. The Flip 2 also comes with an optional connectivity tray that simplifies the connection to external devices via HDMI Out.


Synchronised screen viewing.
Touch out.

The touch out feature allows users to sync their personal devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones with the Samsung Flip 2, allowing real-time content sharing and viewing. Any changes made on the Flip 2 display will be mirrored on the connected device, and vice versa, for efficient collaboration and a constant flow of information.


* Touch out feature available with a touch USB cable or an Android smartphone (2016 or alter) connected via a UIBC and with Windows 10 PCs.





Easy to connect.
Remote control & Bluetooth support.

Easily connect your PC with the Samsung Flip 2 even when you’re not in the room. Start meetings via remote access without losing valuable time. You can also connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the Flip 2, thus making nearly every room a meeting room. 





Ready for the show.
Share your screen.

Thanks to Wi-Fi and HDMI connections, content on the Samsung Flip 2 can be transferred in real-time to another large display, even when connected to a private device. With this feature, you can easily present information to a large group.

Convenient management.
A new level of comfort.

Samsung Flip 2 comes with a range of new features, including secure, wireless connectivity, automatic firmware updates, LDAP synchronisation, data security and remote control. Quickly and easily hold meetings and boost productivity.