Less eyestrain during long hours of work


Samsung business monitors

A new paradigm of productivity

Up until now, replacing a PC or a processor has been seen as the best method of promoting productivity at the workplace. Monitors were only seen as peripherals. But now companies are beginning to catch on to the fact that the right monitor plays a key role in improving productivity.

Several studies have shown that switching from an older monitor to a newer, larger one with a higher resolution or an ergonomic curved monitor with less visual discomfort can enhance an employee’s productivity significantly and costs less effort and money than replacing the computer or internal hardware.

The Samsung professional business monitor marks a paradigm change in the requirements posed to a modern office environment.


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Leading technology 


  • Continuous technical development
  • The world’s first curved monitor and other prize-winning curved monitors

The world’s Nr. 1 in curved monitors 


  • The world’s Nr. 1 in curved monitors, based on their market share since 2015
  • The best 1000R curve in the world

Extensive portfolio 


  • Suit every professional environment
  • Ranging from ultra-wide 49” to standard 22” models

Curved and ultra wide monitors

Less eyestrain

Curvos y ultrapanorámicos

Several clinical tests, studies and certifications prove that curved monitors can relieve eyestrain, offer a sharper image, reduce physical complaints and be ergonomically adjusted to the needs of the user. Curved monitors require less head and neck movements and provide a more immersive experience, leading to less distraction and hence a greater focus on the content on the screen.

The curve radius of Samsung 1000R monitors is identical to that of the human eye, providing a much more comfortable visual experience. Whether you are reading texts, selecting cells in a table or watching videos or images—all of these things become easier on the eyes. TÜV Rheinland has confirmed that Samsung’s curved monitors provide less picture distortion.


High resolution

More workspace onscreen and a crisp image

Alta resolución

WQHD and UHD resolutions have more pixels and hence portray texts and images in more detail. The enhanced readability resulting from this reduces eyestrain, even in office environments with long working hours.

Samsung UHD and WQHD monitors offer more workspace on-screen and more details, offering surprisingly realistic images to the viewer.


Enhanced connectivity

More connection options help you to work more efficiently. The Thunderbolt™ 3 interfaces transfer data fast while USB Type-C causes for less tangled cables. Daisy-chaining allows you to connect multiple monitors with ease. Witness Samsung’s business monitors extended connectivity.

Daisy-chaining allows you connect monitors to each other using only one cable. A Dual-UHD monitor configuration for example would only require a Thunderbolt ™ 3 cable (40 Gbps).

The Space Monitor

More workspace for you


The Space Monitor by Samsung uses an integrated clamp to provide you with significantly more desk space.

When not in use, the Samsung Space Monitor pushes back to sit flat against a back wall. When it’s time for use, simply pull the Space Monitor towards you and adjust to your preferred viewing position. For people who need more desk space.


Maximized Desk Space

The Samsung Space Monitor stand neatly conceals its power/HDMI Y–cable in recessed chases to prevent tangling and keep your work space clear and free from clutter.

The Samsung Space Monitor’s stand features an integrated clamp for quick and easy installation.


Slim design and ergonomical properties


The perfect monitor for any office. Samsung’s business monitors enhance productivity regardless of the working environment they are used in. The display allows full concentration by removing visual distractions, while providing an ergonomic design that enables the user to change their screen settings for more efficiency and user comfort when multitasking.


A comfortable viewing experience

Blue light is known to strain the retina more than other colour, making it tiresome to look at. All Samsung business monitors have been equipped with an Eye-Saver mode and Flicker-Free technology to protect your eyes.