Tidy up your server room.

We know that many of our customers find it a huge challenge to organise IT structures that have grown over time, which is why we have developed a solution with our partner, Vertiv, that includes all the essential infrastructure components for undisrupted IT operations and forms the foundation for transforming your ageing server room into a modern data centre. Take a look at how you can benefit.

How can the Vertiv solution bring order to your server room chaos?

A well-organised rack.

A well-organised rack is the cornerstone of tidy IT. It includes all the components that ensure continuous operations and is also the basis for consolidating the required servers, storage systems and switches.


We recommend the Vertiv™ VR Rack.


Cable management made easy.

The PDU (power distribution unit) keeps cables untangled and power bills down by monitoring connected devices’ actual consumption, which is also important for correctly scaling the UPS.


We recommend the Vertiv Geist™ rPDU.


Power management made easy.

A properly scaled UPS ensures you don’t have to worry about power cuts as it guarantees battery backup your rack equipment needs to shut down correctly without losing data. 


We recommend the Vertiv™ Edge UPS.