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What you need can change. And Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat can change with you. By implementing an effective digital strategy, you can be confident for the future.


Contact our specialists.


Jessica Stehle

Phone: +33 3 90 40 46 78


Contact our specialists.

Jessica Stehle

Phone: +33 3 90 40 46 78

Make your company future-proof.

Life is full of the unexpected. We all know that. To stay on track, you need to be able to rely on tools that can be tailored to your changing requirements. Adobe Sign and Acrobat keep you prepared for everything. Fly through administrative tasks, simplify transactions and sign documents from anywhere.

Improve the experience for your customers and employees.

No matter which sector you work in. Adobe can help your teams complete the tasks assigned to them more effectively. From onboarding new employees to transferring non-disclosure agreements – simple and secure e-signatures enable the seamless processing of your workflows.

Discover features

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Personnel Administration

Make full use of the advantages of the digital transformation and improve your HR management system as well as all HR experiences.

Legal Department

Give your employees their own access to previously approved legal documentation.


Equip your sales workers with the tools that they need to speed up administrative tasks so they can focus on their core business.

Digital banking

Enable optimised and simple requests and registration with digital apps.

Health service & life sciences

Update your document and signature workflows to make them compliant fast and easy.

Written signatures or manual validations are a thing of the past.

Whether you are concluding a big deal, winning a high potential lead or making a strategic purchase, from the office or at home— time is of the essence.



Switch to Adobe Sign. Your benefits:

  • Accelerate and simplify transactions throughout your company by digitalising your document validation workflows
  • Send your documents for a legally viable and secure e-signature with only a few clicks
  • Sign anywhere on browser, tablet or smartphone and monitor the entire process online
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Signing is not just about the signature, it’s a process. Adobe Sign makes every step of the procedure an experience. Obtain signatures and collect direct debits securely. Draft forms. Automate workflows. Keep an overview of all your documents on all devices...

The difference is clear.

Find out how you can save time, costs and resources with Adobe Sign. According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, Adobe Sign offers a Return on Investment (ROI) of 420% and a profit of 6,052 million euros over the course of three years.



Adobe Sign and Acrobat can be integrated into your workflows.