The best STREAM ever as a premium, wireless version with charging function.

STREAM series features (CHERRY SX scissor mechanism) rounded off with charging functionality and AES encryption.

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Uninterrupted working.

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE utilises NiMH rechargeable batteries.

You can conveniently recharge the keyboard and mouse via USB-C while you continue to work undisturbed.


To make sure the desktop set lasts longer, it’s also possible to replace the batteries yourself, which is both practical and environmentally friendly.

Guaranteed performance

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE has quality both inside and out. The keyboard benefits from an integrated metal plate and non-slip rubber feet, meaning it’s stable on the work surface at all times.


Similarly, the mouse nestles comfortably in the hand and combines optimum weight with perfect gliding performance.

Individuality 2.0

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE  keyboard comes with ten additional hotkeys—close Windows, browser, mail, calculator and six keys to control volume and multimedia apps.

The DPI switch on the top of the mouse allows switching between three different resolution levels (1000 dpi / 1600 dpi / 2400 dpi).

For further key and button customisation, the CHERRY KEYS software can be downloaded to configure your mouse and keyboard to your individual needs and is available free of charge at

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