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Threats are evolving. Are you?

Here is a check list to help your inbox stay safe – 5 ways to protect your company.

Improve your visibility.

Perimeter monitoring is no longer enough. It’s essential to know where e-mails are coming from and to check their content as soon as they arrive in your network. Retrospective security lets you detect attacks and limit their impact on your environment, even if they are sophisticated delayed-action attacks.

Automate your solution.

Malware entering your network is detected by an automated retrospective correction tool that can limit its impact and avoid severe damage. Surveillance and smart analysis automatically identify polymorphic malware, trigger reputation evaluation and take quick action.



Protect yourself against BEC fraud.

Business email compromise attacks, BEC fraud, use social engineering to persuade recipients into taking a non-authorised action. To counter this type of attack, alert your users, integrate strategic user authentication into your system and enforce Sender Policy Framework (SPF) authentication standard.


Focus your efforts on data leaks.

Reduce the risk of accidental data leaks or deliberate leakage of critical data by providing your network with policy-based, content-sensitive data loss prevention capabilities, outbound email analysis, content encryption and intelligent limitation of email sending rates.



Encrypt all content.

Secure your professional communication and conform with all regulations with multi-layer encryption. Advanced encryption services protect your confidential financial, personal, or trade-secrets data by saving and authentication of the recipient in addition to message/recipient surveillance.

Follow this good practice guide to safeguard yourself against BEC fraud, phishing, malware, and other types of message-targeted campaigns.


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