• Cisco Meraki sell WLAN equipment (MR), switches, security appliances (MX), an EMM solution for managing mobile devices (SM) and surveillance cameras (MV).
  • All of these products can be managed and configured via the intuitive web-based Cisco Meraki dashboard interface.


  • Centralised management via an intuitive, web-based interface
  • Real-time control of users, applications and devices
  • Ideal for everything from the smallest companies to rollouts for several million users
  • No hardware controllers or management software necessary
  • 24/7 support


  • Optimum network transparency: End user device visibility (7th level) in order to precisely monitor broadband use
  • Supports high-density environments: automatic efficiency and performance optimisation in WLAN environments with very high densities and under extreme conditions.
  • Direct troubleshooting: Live diagnostic tools in the dashboard, e.g. cable test and package captures.
  • Tried and tested security: 6 complex devices are pooled in a user-friendly security appliance (router, firewall, VPN, content filter, intrusion prevention and SD-WAN capabilities).
  • Mobile device management: unified management of all mobile devices (Windows, iOS, Android) and the entire network via the central dashboard.
  • Analysis tools: thanks to features for analysing location data, useful information can be collected in real-time to enhance customer acquisition and retention.

Cloud Managed Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN for demanding environments


MR Access Points have been specially developed for demanding enterprise environments. They use 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies including MIMO beam forming and channel bundling enabling high throughput and reliable coverage that are needed for demanding business applications.

  • Access Points for indoor and outdoor use
  • High performance levels of up to 1.75 Gb/s
  • Integrated enterprise security, guest access and BYOD support
  • Cloud-based management, no hardware controller required
  • Ideal for high-density environments such as schools, offices, teleworkers and heavily loaded environments as well as outdoor areas

Cloud Managed Switches

Gigabit Ethernet for demanding environments


Benefits of the cloud: simplified management, less complexity, network-wide transparency and control as well as lower costs for branches and campus deployments.

  • Gigabit switches with PoE for all ports
  • Configuration and monitoring of thousands of switch ports as well as monitoring of web data traffic in remote offices without a local IT team
  • Optimised voice and video data traffic with detailed QoS settings for intuitive and precise control.
  • Configuration and monitoring of thousands of switch ports as well as monitoring of web data traffic in remote offices without a local IT team

Mobile Device Management


Cloud-based centralised management, diagnosis and monitoring of mobile devices managed by the company.

  • Centralised management of the distributed deployment of iOS and Android devices as well as Macs and PCs.
  • Implementation of restrictions, security guidelines, wireless and VPN settings as well as configuration of Exchange e-mail via the cloud dashboard.
  • Remote deployment of software and applications
  • Management of hardware and software inventories
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