Security challenges of hybrid working

As companies move to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, cyber security and networking are currently undergoing massive change.

The large-scale adoption of cloud applications, the growing number of hybrid employees working both in the office and remotely, and the expansion of branch networks are challenging the central site security model.

Direct access to the internet—both practical, cost-effective and powerful—is the reason for a new decentralised network approach. But change comes with risks and new security challenges. Businesses need more comprehensive protection that not only improves security but also simplifies management.

Is your company ready to face new challenges towards security?

Limited budgets and security resources

Scope and complexity of security tools

Lack of transparency and coverage

From SMEs who cant afford to employ their own security experts to multinational organisations with highly complex environments, Cisco Umbrella ensures efficient security and transparency on the internet, both on and off the network.

Umbrella is the native and multifunctional cloud security service at the core of Cisco’s SASE architecture. It combines firewall solutions, secure web gateways, DNS security, cloud access security (CASB) and threat intelligence into a single cloud service that enables businesses of all sizes to secure their network.

84 %

of respondents were able to reduce malware infections by half with Cisco Umbrella.*

74 %

of the respondents cited “quick and easy rollout” as the main benefit for using Cisco Umbrella.

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Benefits of Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella’s highly resilient cloud infrastructure has ensured 100% availability since 2006. Thanks to anycast routing, one of our 30 data centres worldwide is always available with the same unique IP address. This way, your requests are sent transparently to the next data centre, and traffic will automatically fail over to an alternative data centre if a connection is down. Cisco Umbrella works with more than 1,000 leading internet service providers (ISPs), content distribution networks (CDNs) and SaaS platforms to route requests as quickly as possible, improving data rates, security and user satisfaction.


In short, Cisco Umbrella protects your users on and off the network by blocking malicious internet addresses before they connect.

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* Source: TechValidate survey of 173 Cisco Umbrella users. TVID : 413-A2D-C83, 3 May 2021