Get ready for the future


With a 100% hybrid server solution.


Ready to give your enterprise a totally new dimension? Choose a 100% hybrid solution to support your enterprise in tackling the challenges of tomorrow.


With Windows Server 2019, your company can benefit from accrued storage speeds and capacity as well as boosted efficiency and scalability while remaining protected thanks to built-in data-recovery services.

Enhanced speed and performance


The power to simultaneously respond to growing storage capacity and power of execution needs.


New features to reduce your costs


Scalable solution to respond to your changing needs


Enhanced security and protection


Long-term solution for your infrastructure and data storage needs


100% hybrid solution that’s ready for the future


Predictive analytical features to reduce operating costs

Protection on all levels


Detection and prevention of attacks before your data is affected


New features to respond to current regulatory standard including the GDPR.


Automatic saving and data recovery ensure business continuity




Jessica Stehle

03 90 40 45 43



Jessica Stehle

03 90 40 45 43

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