The cloud-ready operating system that extends local infrastructures with hybrid functions.

Important: Please note that Windows Server 2012 will no longer be supported as of October 10, 2023. This is an ideal time to move your work to Windows Server 2022 on Intel®. 


Modernisation with Windows Server 2022, the cloud-ready operating system that extends local infrastructure with hybrid functions, pays off in the long run. Future-proof your company with options such as Windows Server software-defined (WSSD) data centre for higher efficiency, secured core solutions with multi-layered security levels, Windows Admin Center for easy administration and virtualisation of remote desktops and apps, and containerisation for the flexible provision of modern apps.

Modernisation with the new Windows Server 2022.

Hybrid functions with Microsoft Azure.

A combination of local infrastructure and hybrid functions will simplify your way into the cloud.

Advanced, multi-layered security.

The security functions integrated into the operating system protect your company’s data and apps.

More protection for remote access.

Thanks to easier provision and optimised management of remote apps and desktops, your employees will have an easier time working.

Modernised server infrastructure.

Benefit from enhanced scalability, more security and better cost efficiency by realising your Windows Server software-defined (WSSD) data centre with the help of Windows Server 2022.


This server management tool helps you to benefit more from your windows server.

  • The Windows Admin Center alludes to the classic graphical interface of Windows Server and simplifies the use of both known and new functions as well as provides the seamless integration of Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery or Azure Security Center.
  • Using Azure Arc and Windows Admin Center, customers can deploy, manage and monitor their entire hybrid infrastructure, from the cloud to on-premise to the intelligent edge.
  • Simplifies the use of both known and new functions as well as seamless integration of Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery or the Azure Security Center.
  • Also available for Windows Server 2016 and 2019 VMs.


Windows Server 2022 significantly enhances your security level.

Benefit from multi-layered secured core security functions that cover hardware, firmware and the operating system and protect your company from modern threats.

Leverage Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to recognise and prevent zero-day vulnerabilities, network attacks and data leaks.
Preventative defence measures protect sensitive information by recognising and deflecting advanced malware attempts to manipulate the system.
Virtualisation-based security (VBS) protects against attacks aiming to abuse weaknesses in the OS and introduce malware.
Realise an end-to-end encryption quickly and easily to prevent your data from being spied on in untrustworthy networks.
Encrypt data while placing a focus on transport layer security (TLS) 1.3 to secure the communication between two end points.
Windows Defender Exploit Guard undermines attempts to break in to the host.

Windows Server 2022 Editions.

Enterprise class technology to drive any sized business.

Windows Server 2022
Essentials Edition

Windows Server 2022
Standard Edition

Windows Server 2022
Data Center Editions

is ideal for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices

 is ideal for customers with physical or minimally virtualised environments

is ideal for highly virtualised and software-defined data centre environments.

25 user/50 device CALs are included

Unlimited, based on CALs

Unlimited, based on CALs

1 physical or virtual1

2 VMs

Unlimited VMs

Must be root of domain

2 Hyper-V containers2

Unlimited Hyper-V containers

Available in ROK and OEM

Available in COEM, ROK, and OEM

Available in COEM, ROK, and OEM


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