Business Intelligence (BI) for smart enterprises.

Data analyses have long since been critical information sources for business executives, but accurate reporting is becoming more and more important to lower-level management and departments, too. All too often numerous analyses are drawn up, for example using Microsoft Excel, but the data source and data integrity are not always clear.


The biggest challenge facing businesses in setting up a business intelligence solution is extracting the data from the various source systems and reliably processing and making sense of the data in a lucid diagram.


Bechtle’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution meets this challenge, offering you three essential benefits:

  • Creating recognisable reports with minimal effort
  • Ad-hoc analyses that address a wide range of objectives
  • Reliable data sources for all requirements

The foundation is a qualified data source and key figures relevant to your business.

Questions about Business Intelligence?

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Data analysis with Bechtle Data Warehouse.

We offer a standardised Data Warehouse system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that processes the data from your ERP system, qualifies the data for analysis purposes and makes the data available in a standard format.


We offer the following modules:

  • Financial management
  • Controlling
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse / logistics
  • Production
  • Service

We also make key performance indicators and standardised analyses available in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI or as a PDF file format.

Microsoft Business Intelligence.

Building on proven standard software such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, Bechtle develops modern business intelligence solutions that meet the needs of your business. Data are being processed and visualised using proven standard software, e.g. from Microsoft.


Fig.: In the cloud or on premise

Stay flexible.

You can be as creative as you want when presenting your data and KPIs. To afford you this freedom, we have included standardised, multidimensional OLAP cubes with the Bechtle Data Warehouse, which can be visualised using any front-end tool of your choice.

Do you already have a reporting tool for visualising your business data? That’s not a problem for our Data Warehouse because online analytical processing (OLAP) is a standard that is supported by most BI or reporting tools.

MODUS View – more business insights.

A further module of the Bechtle Business Intelligence solution is the MODUS View. Built on the popular and proven analysis and reporting system, Qlik, it delivers valuable business insights thanks to its associative in-memory search technology.


Bechtle provides you with important reports and analysis from your ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, that are already preconfigured for the primary categories:

  • Financial view
  • Operational excellence
  • Sales view
  • Purchasing view, and much more

We are very familiar with the most important source systems and know where and how to get the most relevant data.


Fig.: Financial view of the MODE View solution with Qlik

Analyses for every department.

Modern businesses knowingly give the responsibility and power of decision back to the relevant departments. However, to be able to make informed decisions, the departments require reliable data. In the past, the task of analysing data was often handed back and forth between data owners and overworked IT departments, which eventually lead to rudimentary BI in Excel.


The modern solution are easy-to-use and powerful BI tools like the software solutions from Bechtle and MODUS Consult, which empower every department to retreive data and create its own analyses at any time thanks to intuitive data access, networked data models and extensive user rights management. Businesses can react to new challenges with greater agility and make well-informed decisions based on shared knowledge of the facts.


Mobile BI – secured.

In more and more businesses, managers and field workers need access to important analytical data on the go. And more than that, they need to collaborate with a shared knowledge pool. For years now in the private realm we have been able to have all the information we want, when we want, on our mobile devices, however, secure access to business-critical data has not been nearly as wide spread in the business world. Often field service employees are merely able to call up predefined, static information. This does not allow for ad-hoc analyses and the information they do have is not usually what matter most, which is immediate answers to unforeseen problems—whenever and wherever they may arise.


The BI solutions from Bechtle and MODUS Consult can be used interactively on all popular devices including tablets and smartphones. There are no functional differences between the desktop application and the mobile app, and access rights and visualisation options are the same no matter from what device you choose to access data.


It is also important to be able to collect data on site to update analyses and plans. The inclusion of geo coordinates make ad-hoc analysis and search queries easier.

Recognise correlations and trends.

Our BI solution merges the three most relevant keys to successful decision making—being able to see the available resources, data and company locations—into a single unified system. Social Business Discovery makes it possible to come to the right decisions together regardless of where you happen to be. The analyses draw data from ERP and CRM systems, Data Warehouses, SQL databases, Excel or other sources. With associative data analysis you gain direct insight into business processes.


Correlations begin to crystalize and you start to see trends and anomalies, and can respond immediately. Mobile connectivity also lets you access all the information in real-time from anywhere in the world. Not only do the new ways of collaboration lead to more well-informed and logical decisions, the direct line of communication brings you closer to your suppliers and customers and strengthens these relationships.

Powerful platforms for your success.

With Bechtle software solutions and MODUS Consult you have the right tools to meet your business requirements. Whether you want to make standardised reports based on data from SAP available throughout your corporation, make more flexible and responsive decisions using best practices in your medium-sized enterprise, or simply create cost-effective analyses using standard tools in smaller circles.


With Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik, in combination with MODUS View and the Bechtle Data Warehouse, we provide the right tools for all your business intelligence challenges.