Solutions for product development.

Whether you’re a one-man office, SME or an multinational corporation: product development and product design are elementary building blocks of a successful product strategy. To strengthen this core business, we can offer you a variety of solutions, training and extensive support. Your products will be better and you’ll gain an edge on the competition.

Questions about CAD, PDM, CAM or product development?

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3D CAD: Turn good ideas into excellent products.

Reduce your production costs and improve the quality and reliability of your products. The powerful and user-friendly SOLIDWORKS solutions let businesses in all industries and areas of application accelerate their product development. The 3D CAD software delivers intuitive tools and functions for product development. Create, validate, communicate and manage your production designs with ease.


Create quickly and efficiently complex part and assembly designs. An extensive CAD library containing frequently used parts, functions and templates will accelerate the design process. In addition to realistic-looking renderings and 3D animations, you can also directly create 2D drawings for the manufacturing and assembly plant. Thanks to comprehensive solutions for analysis and simulation, you can ensure the performance and safely of your designs at the same time.

PDM: Find and use product files more quickly.

SOLIDWORKS solutions for product data management (PDM) help you organise your design data, improving design management and collaboration among your product development team members.


SOLIDWORKS PDM gives your teams extensive possibilities and advantages:

  • Secure saving and indexing for quickly and easily finding design-related data
  • Secure versioning and protection against data loss
  • Release of designs and collaboration in developer teams inside and outside the organisation and across different locations
  • Create electronic workflows to standardise, manage and improve processes such as quality gates for development and documentation, as well as design changes


The combination of the SOLIDWORKS PDM software solution and the search engine EXALEAD OnePart give you the perfect tools to keep your data organised and structured.

CAM: Integrated design and manufacturing processes in one system.

For a seamless transition from the development to the manufacturing stage, we can offer you four innovative CAM solutions: CAMWorks, Edgecam, SolidCAM und SOLIDWORKS CAM.


These manufacturing solutions enable you to make good use of the extensive information made available by the 3D CAD models for reliable and effective programming of CNC machines. You will be able to eliminate error-prone, time-consuming and repetitive, manual processes, so that you can focus on the important components. Manufacturing strategies and manufacturing costs can also be derived for calculating the quote.

Improve your product development processes with the SOLIDWORKS solutions! Our expert consultants can help your design engineers optimise their work processes. Benefit from our expertise in all facets of the engineering process—from a sustainable design to the reviewing process and data management, and up until the manufacturing stage.