Unified Communications – the latest collaboration technology for top productivity.


Never has it been more important to communicate efficiently. Successful businesses must build knowledge and share information ever more quickly in order to gain a competitive edge by making informed decisions early—regardless of location or device.


No longer a vision for the future, Collaboration 2.0 is the new catchword describing innovative ways of working and communicating today. Our daily work routines are streamlined by voice and video calls, meetings and instant messaging combined into a single solution streamline. Effective communication is essential not only for strategic projects, but also in everyday collaboration at the office and on the road.

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IP telephony – the foundation of modern communication.

IP telephony entails much more than simply switching from a phone system to an IP-based solution. It comprises a comprehensive set of collaboration technologies that allows you to provide reliable connections, enhance employee productivity and stand out even further from the competition.


Voice and instant messaging services are only the beginning. Advanced features include everything from video and mobility to social media and links with partners, suppliers and customers.


Modern IP connectivity clearly provides many benefits. In addition to reducing costs and improving efficiency, it also helps you ready your communication platform for the future and facilitate effective collaboration.

UC & collaboration – creating added value.

User behaviour is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift. The younger generation in particular is growing up with WhatsApp and similar apps. As a result, they expect state-of-the-art standards and are demanding innovative options and technology.


  • Mobile solutions for working on the go: wherever you are and whatever device you're using—just as you already use your non-business devices.
  • Collaboration platforms: video telephony, web conferencing and desktop sharing—modern communication tools let you bring dispersed teams together.


Collaboration tools not only increase the efficiency of your methods of communication and manage them successfully, but also help you to be perceived as a modern and attractive employer.


Take complexity out of configuring and managing your corporate network to keep it in sync with the fast pace of your business. We’ll show you how.


Your corporate network is the gateway to all your business communication. That’s why a secure and reliable infrastructure are paramount.