Step 5: Price transparency

How are your purchase prices comprised?


Regardless of your goals and needs, it’s important to select the right products, manage your expenditure and buy at the right price.
The Bechtle procurement solution gives you a holistic overview of all your purchases, enabling you to optimise your processes and even benefit from better purchasing conditions. 

  • What is the manufacturer’s quote for the offer received?
  • Which margin is being used by your current distributor?
  • What price transparency guarantee do you have, also in the long-term?
  • Is your loyalty rewarded with an end-of-year discount?

With MY IT PROC thanks to close collaborations, Bechtle  has decided to provide full transparency into its margin  and offers you an end-of-year contract that is tailored to your company size and purchasing history.

Purchase prices

The purchase prices you get from the various distributors can fluctuate by +/-10% depending on quantities, negotiations with manufacturers and the distributor margin.

Distributor margin

This information isn’t generally shared, but for the customer, a transparent distributor margin is the cornerstone of a long-lasting relationship. What’s more, it enables sales prices to be used industrially during the digitalisation of procurement processes. (Step 4)

End-of-year discount

No matter the type of product or the purchasing channel, a customer’s loyalty can be rewarded through an end-of-year discount programme. This discount is only of interest if combined with margin transparency (otherwise sales prices can be easily artificially inflated before being returned to their initial level -> Benefit for the customer = 0)

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