3D Creation for XR

3D content creation for XR.

Working with 3D objects has come to be a staple in many industries—from architecture to entertainment to engineering—and it has come a very long way since its first baby steps in R&D. Today, 3D is everywhere.

For instance, XR helps spur customers’ imagination in retail shops, or elevates corporate training to the next level. The proliferation of 3D content also means that its consumers have come to expect a lot more from it, especially in terms of 3D rendering and immersion. Texture, light and shadows are things that really put your machines to the test when you create 3D objects.

That’s why its essential to equip your employees with devices that pack the power they need to render 3D objects and tackle these new ways of working and communicating head on.

Aline Gauthier

XR Solution Expert

Phone: +33 3690 634 22


Modèle 3D pour la XR


The process of creating 3D content.

Creating 3D assets is a complex and time-consuming matter and follows a number of consecutive steps—research, design, modelling, texturing, rendering and integration.

Throughout the process, your team will have to carry out validations, all of which are heavy work for their devices, and in particular demand a lot of graphics power.

3D content for different XR applications.

Extended reality is an umbrella term for the three digital realities—virtual, mixed, and augmented.

Each of them is distinct from the others and has different requirements in terms of 3D assets. While mixed and augmented reality only require 3D objects, virtual reality on the other hand is more demanding. After all, the latter also needs a virtual backdrop to place 3D objects in, where the other two simply place them in the users’ real surroundings.

How can 3D assets enhance the world of work?

Business use cases for XR are as numerous as they are diverse:

  • Training and education
  • Customer immersion
  • Telecommuting
  • Prototyping
  • Image overlays (medicine, architecture, industry)
  • Remote maintenance
Onepager 3D XR
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