Let’s take a closer look at these three financing methods!

Buying IT.

Purchasing IT is most definitely the simplest solution. When you found your company, you decide what equipment and accessories you and your employees need and then order from the supplier that offers the best prices and conditions. You have to pay up front. You may have a high initial investment but this is tax-deductible, meaning you will have benefits when it comes to taxes. For each new employee you order the same set of hardware again and again and your IT department takes care of the initial software installation. But what happens when the number of employees keeps growing and its causing your IT department to not have enough time for routine tasks? This is exactly where the many disadvantages of a direct purchase come into play.

  • No monthly fees
  • Full ownership
  • Tax-deductible
  • TCO not registered
  • Fixed asset investment
  • Outdated hardware is hard to replace
  • Standardisation of IT equipment is more work

Leasing IT.

Most companies opt for operative leasing when it comes to procuring IT. For a monthly fee, you receive the hardware you need. Another positive aspect—in the event that something breaks, it is replaced. You pay for the use and not the ownership.

  • Reliable hardware
  • No initial investment
  • TCO is a fixed monthly price
  • More sustainable than purchasing
  • No acquisition of ownership

And now the third possibility that Bechtle offers.

Option number three: Device as a Service.

Device as a Service (DAAS) is similar to leasing…, but entails additional services. This offer is custom tailored to your companies requirements: You don’t have to worry about acquisition, operation or disposal of your IT. This eradicates hidden costs so that you can focus on strategic topics.

For a fixed monthly price, you have access to hardware that always works—installation, setup and maintenance included. In addition, you can upgrade at any time since you know the cost per workplace. The DAAS offer lets you take a load off your IT staff so that these can concentrate on more innovative tasks.

  • Always the latest hardware
  • Always operational, can be replaced in 24 hours
  • End-to-end lifecycle services
  • Configured to meet your demands, delivery to your front door or to the office
  • GDPR-compliant and future eco-friendly
  • Scalable contract for a fixed monthly price
  • No initial investment
  • Clear and structured costs
  • Sustainable
  • Standardised IT
  • No acquisition of ownership

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