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As mundane as it may sound, big data is top of the agenda for businesses as it remains a driving force for new technologies and solutions that are gaining a foothold in our daily lives. These technologies and solutions, however, can only work when thousands of pieces of data can be processed well and, above all, quickly.

For this reason, all companies, regardless of their size or area of activity, need to multiply the computing power of their PCs. A regular computer with a simple processor can usually process about 3 billion calculations per second. That’s a lot,… but by far not enough. Ever-changing requirements require the use of a new technology. Super computers that are primed for high-performance computing (HPC).

How is HPC defined in the cloud?

Traditionally, HPC requires a complex and very specialised architecture to process all this data. For the required performance, this infrastructure must connect many servers. This can lead to both the need to make financial resources immediately available and to make the management of this infrastructure more complex. HPC in the Cloud offers a second way. “Cloud computing” is now widespread. Therefore, it is now possible to run HPC projects on cloud servers (provided by external service providers). This means that SMEs can also benefit from supercomputers without having to invest in new equipment.

How does HPC work in the cloud?

One of the main differences between a local HPC system and a cloud-based HPC system is the possibility of adding or removing resources dynamically. This dynamic flexibility helps prevent bottlenecks due to the computing capacity and users can find the right size for their infrastructure to fit the requirements of their tasks.

What are the advantages of HPC in the cloud?
  • Supports the most complex workloads.
  • Enables the assignment of new capacities in line with requirements
  • Enables remote connection with standard internet connection via GPU compatible VMs


HPC boosts your company and your big data management. However, it requires an infrastructure that might be unwieldy in every day working life. With HPC in the cloud, you can solve this problem, as you only require a minimal configuration and don’t need a large infrastructure to have instant access to all resources.

Summary. For all those willing to try out HPC, this is the most flexible and simple way.
Bechtle is by your side as your qualified partner – whether you decide to choose the cloud solution …or not! 

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This post was published on May 10, 2022.