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Bechtle Life - Oct 29, 2021

Interview - Advanced Solutions Team

This September, our team of IT specialists was rechristened as the Advanced Solutions Team. The team is made up of 11 experts, namely Antoine, Matthieu, Laurent, John, Aline, Dimitri, Jérémy, Vincent, Chloé, Jessica and Thierry.

What were the reasons behind the renaming and what skills and expertise does the new name embody?

We put these questions to team lead, Thierry Lacroix.

“For the last two years, the Bechtle Group has been undergoing a transformation from a transactional model to one that has a greater focus on values and projects. It is, therefore, very natural that we support this trend in a market that is constantly evolving and requires ever more support and advice on increasingly sophisticated technologies.”


What kind of customer projects do you support?

“Generally speaking, any that impact our customers’ digital transformation.

Our team has four focus areas. Firstly, cybersecurity including the development of working from home and the management of remote devices. Secondly, high performance computing and artificial intelligence, which are solutions that support heavy workloads and boost computing power. Then we have the software cloud with our Bechtle CSP platform, and finally the business unit Modern Workplace with all of Bechtle’s XaaS solutions.

As a Service solutions are very high up on the agenda for our customers and most of our work is dedicated to offering help and advice in this field.”


Technologies and businesses alike are constantly changing and developing. What is the secret of staying ahead of the game in terms of technical training?

“Our team was given a boost in September with the hiring of three new members. This has allowed us to provide better support to our sales team and our customers have benefited from additional expertise. Thanks to our partners and numerous certifications, we can ensure expertise and technical experience are always at the cutting edge.”

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This post was published on Oct 29, 2021.