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Modern Workplace - May 10, 2022

Sales on the go – Putting the Acer Chromebook to the test.

Chasing from one customer to the next with a quick presentation in between, calling up a file your colleague saved in the office, all the while roaming between public networks… The reality of field sales is a strategic challenge for CIOs, because it has a direct impact on both productivity and security.

Finding a computer that checks all the boxes for mobility and security can be a real headache for IT managers.

But there’s a solution to the challenge: The Acer Chromebook—the not-so-secret weapon for your mobile sales force. The proof? Feedback from real estate agent Charles-Antoine Rey, who was able to test the Acer Chromebook Spin 13 for two months and shares his experience with us.


Made for performance on the go.

“With my Chromebook Spin 13 I have instant access to all my data, at home, in the office and on the road. And it delivers all the performance I need for my job every day.”


“Two months ago I left my old job and went into real estate. I’ve been using the Acer Chromebook Spin 13 every day since, and I’m loving it because of just how portable it is,” says Charles-Antoine Rey, an estate agent in Val d’Oise with 10 years in the railway sector under his belt.

Charles-Antoine works everywhere, at home, in the office, and showing his clients objects on site. That’s why his device’s adaptability is a real plus. With its 360° display hinge, it simply transforms from a laptop into a tablet. “The durable hinge is genius; I can simply flip the display over and show my clients a 3D animation of possible alternations for a property,” says the agent. The Chromebook also shines with its outstanding picture quality and long battery life that keeps it going for a full day away from a power source. “On standby, it will even last four or five days,” says Charles-Antoine Rey.

What’s more, this model is super compact making it a great device to take along with you. And—in the words of its owner—it’s also beautiful to look at, extremely user friendly, and boots in a snap. Moreover, Charles-Antoine conducts his daily business with Google’s online apps—from scheduling appointments to managing properties and even accessing his agency’s portal that holds all his clients’ information. “I also use my Chromebook when looking for properties that are put on the internet for sale or to let,” adds Charles-Antoine Rey, who also uses the Google Play Store to get a range of real estate apps.



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This post was published on May 10, 2022.