Security - Apr 19, 2022

How to better protect your data centre

When a business outsources its IT infrastructure, it has to make sure that the location complied with applicable security standards as in many cases, data centres are home to sensitive corporate data and if attacked, these data could end up in the wrong hands.
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A data centre is an infrastructure consisting of computers and storage locations that can be used to organise, process, save and archive large volumes of data, making it an essential part of the business.


To protect your data centre from potential internal and external threats, there are practical methods to limit and manage infrastructure access. The first step is to integrate physical security checkpoints such as access points that are not freely accessible. One of the most important elements of data centre security is ensuring that unauthorised parties cannot gain access. In addition, there should be protocols and processes in place for frequent and unusual events so the data centre employees know exactly how to respond. Alongside surveillance systems, security staff need to be employed to respond to any internal threats as if there isn’t sufficient protection against arson, vandalism and trespassing, devices may be stolen that contain important data. Then there are the risks associated with electrical issues as well as those posed by computer hacking.


In large, very complex data centres, it’s standard that sophisticated security measures are integrated. By implementing a zero-trust security philosophy, data centres are able to significantly reduce the risks of falling victim to attacks.


What are the benefits of securing your computer data?

Well thought-through data centre security anticipates potential threats and avoids them thanks to effective technical measures to:

  • Reduce security threats
  • Minimise downtime
  • Lower hardware costs
  • Cut the time needed to respond to and resolve issues
  • Speed up upgrades
  • Prepare for compliance audits.


In many industries, there are plenty of businesses that do not have the same IT security budget as specialist cloud providers, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to threats. Without sufficient security, businesses risk fines and violating laws. Data protection violations and security incidents that become known to the public can have dramatic and long lasting effects on your business and your company’s reputation.


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This post was published on Apr 19, 2022.