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Bechtle IT System House Karlsruhe.

Bechtle IT System House Karlsruhe.

The IT system house was founded in 1984 and has been part of the Bechtle Group since 1995. It has its own IT Democenter, a storage & solutions Competence Center, as well as a Training Center.

  • Founded in: 1984 (Pazdera Computer)
  • Joined Bechtle: in 1995
  • Vocational training provided for: IT systems management assistant, IT system electronics engineer, IT systems integration specialist; bachelor of science in business information systems, bachelor of engineering in information technology, business administration
  • Competence Center: IT service management, storage & solutions
  • Training centre
Richard Einstmann

Managing Director

Principaux domaines.

Core IT solutions: 

  • client management, server & storage, networking solutions, virtualisation, IT security, software


  • IT demo centre with solutions from leading vendors for virtualisation, unified communications, backup, recovery, archiving, SAM


  • The IT System House Karlsruhe gives SMEs insight into the digital future through the Industry 4.0 Collaboration Lab. Established under the motto “Business Meets Research”, this joint project has brought together the Karlsruhe systems integrator, the Lifecycle Engineering Solution Center (LESC) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the House of Living Lab (HOLL) at the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI). Virtually networked production machines in 3D, self-driving cars, smart energy systems, working practices of the future and connected homes are just some of the many topics customers can experience here live. Although highly diverse, these different fields are all based on IT solutions.
  • We leverage our expertise to help customers implement the best collaboration and unified communications solutions for their business—by integrating Office 365, SharePoint, Skype as well as Microsoft Surface Hub, whose large display opens the door to innovative presentations and allows you to communicate facts and ideas beyond the physical confines of your company’s conference room in real time.
  • Our training centre offers training, event services, e-learning and certified courses either on our premises or the customer’s. Through our Master Solutions Show, a mobile 3D film studio, we empower customers to produce explanatory videos and presentations without any prior technical knowledge.
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