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Private clouds – The most secure option for your business.

Questions about private clouds?

Cloud computing is the ideal solution for any business who wants more IT flexibility and efficiency while keeping business-critical data safe and sound within their own four walls. Private clouds maximise the benefits of virtualisation and shared-IT infrastructures, offering greater business agility and lower costs.

Best of all, private clouds are accessible exclusively to in-house departments, making them an ideal, secure way to transition to cloud computing.


Ajay Arithoppah

UK Head of Software & Cloud Services


Phone: +44 1249 467944

The benefits of private business clouds.

  • Higher efficiency: increase operational and management efficiency by automating services and processes.
  • Greater flexibility: respond more quickly to business requirements by provisioning and securing systems while also activating new applications in just days or hours instead of weeks.
  • On-demand IT resources: enable in-house departments and users to access shared resource pools quickly and securely without interfering with data backups.
  • Automated provisioning: create self-service portals allowing in-house groups to access the resources they need with minimum help from IT support.
  • Better transparency: use private cloud computing to monitor and analyse who uses which resources.

Are you looking for an off-premise solution but don’t want your business data to leave Europe? Let us take care of it.


Bechtle will support you in building a new, standardised private cloud. It’s easy to get started and convenient to expand.


Expert advice is crucial when migrating to the cloud. Fast-track your company with the right cloud solution.