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Success stories of customers with future-proof IT.

Every customer is different and each solution distinct. But every single project is implemented with an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritises flexibility, cost consciousness and uncompromising quality. While they won’t mirror your exact circumstances, our references will provide inspiration and ideas for your own IT goals.

Wilkin Chapman - Office 365 and Services.

Wilkin Chapman were approaching the end of their four-year IT refresh cycle and were looking for advice on the best way forward. Bechtle, as a Microsoft gold partner, highlighted the option of the Microsoft Cloud Suite and how it could work within their business.

Bristol Port - Mission Critical Infrastructure Replacement.

Bristol Port came to us with a requirement of replacing their mission critical systems. They had an ageing infrastructure with limited manageability and scalability which required a lot of resource from the IT team to maintain and support. As the equipment was old, it also raised an issue of reliability and an extra factor of worry.

GA Solicitors - Collaboration to Optimisation.

GA Solicitors was approached by Microsoft to undertake a software licensing review. A Microsoft led SAM review requires a business to present a current state of compliance. However, the thought of a Microsoft review can spark fear in the eyes of any IT guru due to the complexity and extent of the procedure, as well as numerous ambiguous questions.

Allies & Morrison LLP – Workstation Deployment.

Allies & Morrison LLP approached Bechtle at a significant period in their Workstation refresh cycle - they needed to replace 100 Workstations within their business.

Gateshead College – Notebook Procurement.

Gateshead College expressed an interest in procuring 2,000 13” notebooks. The purpose of this was as to act as a way of helping students get the most from their studies as well as an incentive to encourage prospective students to enrol with the college. 

Docrafts – Installing Servers and Storage.

Simple, Modular and Scaleable IT infrastructure using HP StoreVirtual VSA and HP Proliant Technology The challenge for Docrafts was that they had reached their refresh cycle in technology, Docrafts realised that they needed to adopt a more simplified and scalable solution that could react to growth in their primary business.

A-Z Maps – Introducing a Hyper-Converged solution.

A-Z Maps approached Bechtle as they were looking to upgrade their storage solution. Their current Dell server and SAN were 7 years old and Dell do not support devices over 7 years old so, if any issues occurred, they would not be covered.

Shrewsbury School – High Availability Clustering.

Shrewsbury School is committed to strong academic standards and believe in a vision of holistic education, as demonstrated through an incredible range of different activities and societies. They are passionate about boarding not just for convenience, but because it provides the best opportunity for young men and women to develop real confidence and belief in themselves. 

LanesHealth – Service and Workflow Management.

LanesHealth contacted us to discuss the purchase of service management with one specific technology vendor. The challenge they faced was around time and consistency - the IT team were consuming all of their time with fighting issues and complying with internal processes, which had to be manually driven in their current setup.

Nationwide Charity – Delivering Licence Compliance.

Striving to provide a service that helps mitigate risk and provide a higher degree of self-sufficiency. Bechtle’s customer, a nationwide charity, expressed concerns over licence compliance across the organisation.

T H White – Office 365.

T H White approached Bechtle with the need for a better e-mail solution that properly catered for mobile users.

EIPC – Managed Print Installation.

Maintaining a printer, or in some cases a fleet of printers can be a challenge. The monthly toner orders, replacing parts, cost of engineers and warranty issues are just a few of the challenges a customer has to deal with on a day to day basis with printers. 

Franklin Templeton – E-Procurement Across Europe.

With over 160 employees in Germany (more than 1,100 in Europe and 8,500 worldwide), Franklin Templeton Investments is an international investment firm headquartered in the United States. Founded in 1992, its 2011 revenue totalled over $9 billion. 

Merlin Entertainments – E-Procurement.

The Merlin Entertainments Group were seeking an efficient solution to control ordering of IT hardware, peripherals and consumables for a widespread number of Merlin attractions in the UK. The purpose was to reduce costs, reduce administration, speed up internal procurement processes and centralise purchasing with one supplier to consolidate purchases.