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The rugged yet easy to set up DIS-100G Series Industrial Gigabit Unmanaged Switches from D-Link have been designed to withstand large temperature ranges, vibrations and drops.

od 121,00

Cena brutto: 145,20 £ z 24,20 £ VAT

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Cisco Meraki access switches serve as the backbone of any size network, combining secure, scalable and robust performance with a smooth, intuitive management experience.

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Cena brutto: 412,80 £ z 68,80 £ VAT

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Aruba CX serii 6000 został opracowany z myślą o niezawodnym, łatwym i bezpiecznym dostępie oraz oferuje praktyczne i ekonomiczne rozwiązanie dostępu przewodowego do sieci obsługujących IoT, aplikacje mobilne i chmurowe.

od 319,00

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10 gigabitowy przełącznik Ethernet Smart Managed z serii DXS-1210 firmy D-Link należy do niedrogich przełączników 10 gigabitowych z funkcją Layer 2 i Layer-3-Lite. Oferują elastyczność połączenia dzięki obsłudze połączonych portów 10GBASE-T / SFP +.

od 606,00

Cena brutto: 727,20 £ z 121,20 £ VAT

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Nr producenta: JL826A

Nr Bechtle 4561573

Porty: 24x SFP, Dalsze porty: 8 x SFP Combo, 4x SFP+, PoE: nie, Zarządzalny: tak, Konstrukcja: rack

3 669,00

Cena brutto: 4 402,80 £ z 733,80 £ VAT

Czas dostawy wynosi 20 dni.

With Insight Managed Smart Cloud Access Points, you have WLAN discovery, provisioning, monitoring and management in your hands - any time, anywhere with the NETGEAR Insight management solution.

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Cena brutto: 70,32 £ z 11,72 £ VAT

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Netgear's RBK Series of Orbi Wi-Fi systems help deliver consistent and fast Wi-Fi over a long range thanks to tri-band, mesh, MU-MIMO and beam-forming technology.

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The Aruba CX 6300 Switch series is a modern, flexible and intelligent family of stackable switches ideal for enterprise access and aggregation.

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The Aruba 500H Series supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard and can achieve a maximum aggregated data rate of up to 1.49 Gb/s for locations such as hotels, student residences as well as teleworkers.

od 316,00

Cena brutto: 379,20 £ z 63,20 £ VAT

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The Aruba CX 6100 Switch Series is a family of entry level Layer 2 access switches ideal for branch offices, mid-market enterprises, and SMEs who need a reliable, convenient wired access solution.

od 593,00

Cena brutto: 711,60 £ z 118,60 £ VAT

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D-Link DGS-1100 Series Gigabit Smart Managed Switches provide an easy-to-use web interface for management functions, making them an affordable solution for environments that require simple network management.

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The Cisco Meraki MR series is the ideal solution for businesses in search of high-performing access points. Designed for challenging environments, they provide reliable, stable network coverage.

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An Orbi Pro Tri-Band Wi-Fi System is ideal for small offices, cafés, restaurants and shops as well as warehouses, golf courses and other sports facilities. Orbi Pro - better Wi-Fi for your business.

od 219,00

Cena brutto: 262,80 £ z 43,80 £ VAT

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Przełącznik stakowlany zarządzany gigabitowy z serii DGS-1520 Serie firmy D-Link oferuje łączność 10-Gigabit i funkcje Advanced Layer 2 i Layer 3. Wariant z PoE posiada porty 2,5G i są idealne do połączenia Wi-Fi 6 Access Points.

od 282,00

Cena brutto: 338,40 £ z 56,40 £ VAT

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The Aruba CX 8360 Switch Series is a modern, intelligent family of high-performance 1/10/25/40/100 GbE switches designed both for enterprise campus cores and data centres.

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Cena brutto: 13 738,80 £ z 2 289,80 £ VAT

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Powerful multi-Gigabit/Gigabit switches with high capacities, durability and simple management making the x530/x530L series the perfect choice for demanding interfaces for end devices, access points and in distribution.

od 1 532,00

Cena brutto: 1 838,40 £ z 306,40 £ VAT

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Nuclias cloud-managed switches by D-Link are pre-configured and can be managed remotely via the Nuclias Cloud web interface or the Nuclias app.

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Cena brutto: 220,56 £ z 36,76 £ VAT

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Expandable 10G/40G/100G Stackable Layer 3 Switches ideal for high-performing modern enterprise network cores. Support for VCS (Virtual Chassis Stacking) to create a resilient local or distributed solution.

od 9 633,00

Cena brutto: 11 559,60 £ z 1 926,60 £ VAT

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The NETGEAR AV Line M4250 Series was designed in collaboration with AV experts. The result is a series of switches that have been deigned from the ground up to support 1 Gb audio and video over IP with customised hardware and software.

od 430,00

Cena brutto: 516,00 £ z 86,00 £ VAT

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The Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Mini Media & Rate MMC series converter from Allied Telesis saves space in your working environment, yet delivers the performance and functionality of standard size media converters.

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Cena brutto: 115,20 £ z 19,20 £ VAT

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New technology and requirements ushered in by Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi has become a fundamental, business-critical consideration across the corporate landscape. Secure access for staff, guests and customers—not to mention the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets—require a well managed Wi-Fi environment. Digital production environments also depend on Wi-Fi. Advances such as 802.11ac technology offer greater flexibility and numerous benefits for optimising your business processes through better Wi-Fi infrastructure.


Network routers, switches and access points.

A scalable, powerful IT infrastructure allows companies to keep pace with future trends and network requirements, thereby maintaining the excellence of their business processes. Because network outages can be expensive, it’s important to maintain employee access at all times, no matter where they’re located. Minimise network downtime by adapting your infrastructure to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of today’s business world.


Network hardware for your specific needs.

Make sure your company stays connected with network hardware that’s suited to your environment. Discover Wi-Fi controllers, switches and other components at We also carry all types of professional modems, which connect directly to routers, switches or computers for smooth, fast communication between devices. Contact our experts at for help selecting appropriate hardware, or consult our detailed product descriptions online. Our online shop carries products by leading providers and offers suitable accessories, such as cables, for all devices. Take your IT infrastructure to the next level with the right network products.