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Lenovo's most popular mobile workstation, the ThinkPad P15 delivers optimum performance and mobility.

od 1 538,00

Cena brutto: 1 845,60 £ z 307,60 £ VAT

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ThinkPad P15v 2 generacji oferuje rozwiązania graficzne NVIDIA i procesory Intel Core 11 generacji w płaskiej i lekkiej obudowie. Idealne połączenie wydajności z mobilnością.

od 1 621,00

Cena brutto: 1 945,20 £ z 324,20 £ VAT

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Meet Lenovo's lightest 2nd gen mobile workstation. The Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Gen 2 (2021) combines fast processors with professional graphics.

od 987,00

Cena brutto: 1 184,40 £ z 197,40 £ VAT

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The Lenovo ThinkPad P15s Gen 2 (2021) is the perfect combination of power and portability. Intel Core processors and NVIDIA graphics deliver power users unparalleled performance.

od 1 209,00

Cena brutto: 1 450,80 £ z 241,80 £ VAT

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Dell Precision 5760 są to urządzenia o doskonałej wydajności. Polecana wszędzie, gdzie wymagana jest większa wydajność grafiki i współpraca z aplikacjami CAD.

od 2 482,00

Cena brutto: 2 978,40 £ z 496,40 £ VAT

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Doskonała wydajność dzięki eleganckiej stacji roboczej 43,9 cm (17,3") HP ZBook Fury 17 G8. Wizualizacja kompletnych danych dzięki procesorom Intel 11 generacji, kartom graficznym NIVIDA i pamięci do 128 GB RAM.

od 1 934,00

Cena brutto: 2 320,80 £ z 386,80 £ VAT

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The 4th generation of this impressive mobile workstation comes with a larger display, faster storage technology and enhanced graphics. The ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 is powerful, portable and visually stunning.

od 1 998,00

Cena brutto: 2 397,60 £ z 399,60 £ VAT

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Atemberaubende Leistung wird dank der dünnen und eleganten 39,6 cm (15,6") HP ZBook Fury 15 G8 Workstation mobil. Visualisieren Sie komplexe Datensätze dank Intel Core-Prozessoren der 11. Generation, NVIDIA-Grafikkarten und bis zu 128 GB RAM Speicher.

od 1 704,00

Cena brutto: 2 044,80 £ z 340,80 £ VAT

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Nr producenta: 21A70007UK Wersja: angielski

Nr Bechtle 4580789-01

Rozmiar wyświetlacza: 39,6 cm (15,6"), Rozdzielczość fizyczna: 1 920 x 1 080 FHD, Model procesora: Intel Core i7-11800H, 2,3 GHz, Karta graficzna: 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, Intel UHD Graphics, Pamięć operacyjna: 16 GB

1 405,00

Cena brutto: 1 686,00 £ z 281,00 £ VAT

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Przenośna stacja robocza oferuje doskonałą wydajność dzięki procesorom Intel Core 11 generacji lub procesorom Intel Xeon i profesjonalnej grafice NVIDIA. Ponadto ThinkPad P17 Gen 2 posiada różne certyfikaty ISV.

od 2 004,00

Cena brutto: 2 404,80 £ z 400,80 £ VAT

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The Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 has been developed to deliver maximum power and performance. Equipped with PCIe Gen 4 SSDs and an optional UHD OLED display, it provides the best-in-class performance your power users demand.

od 1 918,00

Cena brutto: 2 301,60 £ z 383,60 £ VAT

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Ausgestattet mit einer NVIDIA GeForce RTX Grafik, Intel Core Prozessoren der 11. Generation und umfangreichen Speicheroptionen, gewährleistet das ThinkPad T15g Gen 2 höchst effizientes Arbeiten.

od 2 788,00

Cena brutto: 3 345,60 £ z 557,60 £ VAT

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The compact and lightweight HP ZBook Firefly 14 G8 Workstation offers optimum portability thanks to its weight of just 1.36 kg. Whether on the road or at home, you'll have everything to hand thanks to its professional performance and 14" display.

od 1 005,00

Cena brutto: 1 206,00 £ z 201,00 £ VAT

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With the HP ZBook Studio G8 Workstation you can work wherever you need to without compromising performance or security. The 39.6 cm (15.6") display and optional NVIDIA Geforce RTX video cards deliver first-class visualisations.

od 1 770,00

Cena brutto: 2 124,00 £ z 354,00 £ VAT

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Lenovo's lightest and most portable workstation! The ThinkPad P14s Gen 1 strikes a perfect balance between power and mobility. Thanks to Lenovo ThinkShield, you are always protected, no matter where you are.

od 972,00

Cena brutto: 1 166,40 £ z 194,40 £ VAT

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Guarantee professional performance and reliable security with the HP ZBook Power G8 Workstation. Thanks to Intel processors, fast memory and configurations with large RAM, delays are a thing of the past.

od 1 378,00

Cena brutto: 1 653,60 £ z 275,60 £ VAT

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Przenośne stacje robocze Dell Precision 3561 należą do bardzo wydajnych urządzeń w przystępnej cenie. Idealne dla użytkowników, którzy dużo podróżują i pracują z programami takimi jak CAD czy Excel.

od 1 454,00

Cena brutto: 1 744,80 £ z 290,80 £ VAT

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Dell Precision 5560 mobile workstations are the slimmest, lightest and smallest devices that pack a punch. For CAD users and other professionals who need to power graphics-intensive applications.

od 1 975,00

Cena brutto: 2 370,00 £ z 395,00 £ VAT

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Dell Precision 7760 mobile workstations offer first-class performance in a slim design. Now with an even lower profile and lighter weight. Equipped with the latest processors and optionally VR-Ready.

od 2 632,00

Cena brutto: 3 158,40 £ z 526,40 £ VAT

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Dell Precision 7550 mobile workstations are the world's most powerful devices Equipped with the latest processors and optionally VR-Ready for all the performance you need.

od 2 172,00

Cena brutto: 2 606,40 £ z 434,40 £ VAT

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The fundamental basis of a modern workforce.

Our Bechtle online shop contains over 70,000 hardware and software products in various categories. Mobile computing is a core component of our portfolio, as the daily routines of millions of customers hinge on this technology. If you work away from a traditional desk, you know just how important it is to have top-quality, ultra-reliable mobile solutions—there’s simply no room for compromise. What use is your top-of-the-line industrial tablet without a functioning power adapter or loaded battery? And what do you do when your notebook display is accidentally damaged? That’s where warranties and services come into play, as well as fast delivery of suitable replacements. We cover all of these considerations in our Bechtle online shop.


For a globalised world facing new challenges each day.

Most users expect to be able to work on the go. Take away our connectivity, mobile network or Wi-Fi and productivity drops immediately. When this happens, a solution must be found—and fast. Secure VPN connections are also essential for remote offices, given the sensitive nature of corporate data being transmitted. And we’ve come to expect a panoply of devices to handle various scenarios. If you’ve recently travelled in an aeroplane, for instance, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a thin tablet. Our portfolio on takes into account all of these requirements.


Tailored mobile solutions for business success in a networked world.

You can only work effectively if the various links in your data transmission chain interface properly. To begin with, you must consider user-friendliness—regardless of whether data is input by keyboard or speech recognition. Then comes your hardware and software. Are they compatible? Even accessories such as cases, battery chargers, docking stations and many more must match your device in order to fulfil their intended purpose. That’s why our Bechtle online shop not only provides detailed product descriptions but also lets you contact product managers for additional information.