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If you work within education, we understand that you need to stay one step ahead of the latest IT trends to help your students be as productive as possible and for the education sector, digital is changing everything. 


How we learn. 
How we teach. 
How we communicate and work together.

But many institutions can’t make the journey to digital transformation on their own. A recent report has shown that 54% are held back by limited IT resources or personnel. And 51% need help with the pace of technological advances. This means that to get digital transformation right, you need the right edtech partner. And this is where Bechtle and Fujitsu can help. 


Bechtle and Fujitsu are now on lot 2 of the NDNA framework. 


What does this mean?
It means that buying the devices you need to give your students a richer, more personal learning experience is easier than ever.


Why Fujitsu?
When you buy Fujitsu devices, you’re not just getting the robust, reliable technology you need to make learning better for your students. You’re also getting support from experts who know your sector inside out.


Discover why Fujitsu's edtech solutions are ideal for transforming a learning environment.


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Are you choosing the right device?


  • Is the device durable and serviceable?
  • Does it have appropriate security management features? 
  • Will it preserve the privacy of student data?


  • Can it handle your course-based digital content & tools?
  • Will it support new learning models?


  • Can it handle productivity software and web applications?
  • Does it support multiple users?

Whether you’re a university, Higher Education/Further Education college or member institution, purchasing through Bechtle and Lot 2 of the NDNA framework allows us to provide you with full access to a wide range of offerings, including:


The FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK portfolio helps to support your students’ education needs. It provides reliable, powerful and flexible entry-level solutions that come with extensive configuration options and a range of unique features.


With the extensive range of Fujitsu devices, Fujitsu empower your students to realise their full potential anywhere and anytime. With enterprise-level security, they ensure data is protected at all times.


Fujitsu offer a variety of tablet form factors, tablet concepts and performance classes across 2-in-1 devices to individualise the student user experience.


Fujitsu CELSIUS mobile workstations support creativity, calculation and visualisation at the highest possible level.


Fujitsu's workstations are optimised for use with a range of leading workstation applications, such as; Autodesk, Adobe, Siemens PLM or PTC. In addition, they are exceptionally quiet and offer ingenious thermal management.

Please contact for access to our online NDNA portfolio & further information