Whether your environment is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, growth in your business and the need to implement changes can lead to inefficiencies. These can result in under-utilised resources, higher costs of maintenance and even an infrastructure that is unfit for your future plans. In addition to this, preparing for any new project requires you to determine whether you can leverage your existing resources or if you need to make changes - and if so, what changes and how?

Bechtle’s Infrastructure Optimisation Assessment will help provide you with a detailed view of your environment and offer actions tailored to your business. Our highly certified infrastructure engineers will assess, analyse and make recommendations based on industry best practice, using data validation and visual architecture designs.

Bechtle’s aim is to help you design an infrastructure that can ‘do more with less’, and we achieve this through a collaborative 5-step process…

Infrastructure optimisation assesment lightbulb

Your current environment, challenges, and requirements

Infrastructure optimisation assesment graph

Through agreed tooling, your system utilisation metrics

Infrastructure optimisation assesment magnifyingglass

The data output, benchmarking against your optimal state

Infrastructure optimisation assesment thumbs up

Quick wins, potential risks, and your most efficient environment

Infrastructure optimisation assesment tools

With agreed associated services and managed support wrappers

Why choose this package?
  • Receive a detailed write-up to support any infrastructure change and business justification
  • Highlight potential security risks and legacy infrastructure to reduce your threat landscape
  • Insight into vendors roadmaps and see the latest technology in action
  • Streamline the efficiency of your infrastructure operation and management
Why Bechtle?
  • Europe’s largest IT provider
  • Delivering infrastructure solutions for 30+ years
  • Broad range of professional services, provided by certified engineers
  • End to end support across industry leading IT infrastructure vendors
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