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ARTICONA has everything you need for your USB-C devices—from connection cables and video adapters to USB hubs and docking stations.

USB-C docking stations. Connect all your devices at once.  
Compact and lightweight – USB-C adapters.
One for all: USB-C hubs and card readers.
Connect to the future – USB Type-C cables.

When USB 1.0 was introduced in 1996, it replaced most existing interfaces. USB spread incredibly quickly and a range of USB connectors appeared on the market. With the introduction of USB 3.1 in combination with the USB Type-C connection, a bond was formed: A port for all connections.


USB Type-C is now the most important connection option for peripherals and has become the standard for notebooks, tablets and smartphones. 

Benefits at a glance.

Connect mobile devices to displays, power supplies, memory and other peripherals through a single port with USB Type-C.  







The USB 3.1 cable delivers speeds of up to 10 Gb/s, enabling the transfer of data, power and videos.




The USB-C connector works both ways, meaning it can no longer be inserted the wrong way round.

All important USB connections at a glance.