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X Series

The Experience is Everything.

Most companies, probably yours included, believe that customer experience is critical to their success. Communicating effectively with customers is the key to a great experience, but a lot of businesses lack the crucial infrastructure to enable the best possible customer interactions. Siloed, disparate communications systems for phone calls, collaboration, video and audio conferencing, instant messaging, content sharing, are often the norm. 8x8 are shifting that paradign with the new X Series. A unified, cloud based collaboration suite designed for modern organisations.

One Cloud Solution

The X Series suite is a single solution that delivers enterprise voice, meetings, collaboration, and contact centre from one platform available across desktop and mobile devices.

  • An easy transition from collaboration to phone to video
  • Full context with every live interaction
  • Centralised team messaging with all collaboration platforms
  • Data analytics on every employee and customer interaction
  • Supervisor enablement and agent feedback
  • Intelligent interaction between employees and customers


Choice of Plans

X Series lets you mix and match features to suit your needs and your budget.









Integrated Communications

  • One-click from voice chat to video
  • Cross-platform team message
  • Google integration and context-rich discussions
  • Mobile to desk / conference phones





Smarter Global Engagament

  • All the features of X2
  • Unlimited calling across 46 countries
  • Meetings for up to 50 participants
  • Interaction analysis





Speed to Resolution

  • Everything in X4
  • One-click subject-matter expert access for customer services teams
  • CRM integration
  • Customer engagement analysis





Customer Experience Transformation

  • All the capabilities of X6 
  • Intergrated voice, email, web-chat, and social
  • Advanced speech and interaction analysis
  • Predictive outbound campaigns
  • Quality collaborative performance management

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The 8x8 X Series suite is available now through Bechtle. We understand that your communications solution is critical to your business, so our cloud team is available to discuss your requirements and make sure you're choosing the right solution.

Give them a call, or send an email. They're always here to help.



Curtis Welsby

AV Technical Pre-Sales Specialist


Bechtle direct England

Telephone: +44 1249 467977