Workplace in an office. Man sitting in front of his HP Z4 workstation

Unleash the relentless power of the HP Z4 Workstation

HP’s best-selling performance Workstation

Create, render and visualise at breakneck speeds with the industry-leading performance and flexibility of one of HP's most powerful PCs, the HP Z4 Workstation.


Key Features


  • A choice of Intel® Xeon® or Core™ X processors
  • 128 GB Memory
  • 12 TB Storage
  • Support for dual extreme graphics
  • Industry leading acoustics
assortment of HP Z4 series. Different workstations and monitors.

 Why choose a HP Z Workstation?

As sophisticated on the inside as they are on the outside, HP Z Workstations are designed for the toughest of industries.

1. Customised to suit you

HP Z Workstations are highly customisable - offering a range of features that you can mix and match to build your ideal configuration.


2. Push it to the limits

HP Z Workstations offer HP’s maximum performance through unique HP technologies.


3. A device you can trust

HP Z Workstations feature no compromise reliability, help secure data integrity, and provide easy serviceability - all from a system that has reliability built into its DNA.




Workstation Z4 tower cover off, view from the side

The world's most secure workstations¹

Advanced security features come standard on every Z Workstation. Rest assured your data is safe with HP Sure Start, the industry's first self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection.

The world's most secure workstations¹

Advanced security features come standard on every Z Workstation. Rest assured your data is safe with HP Sure Start, the industry's first self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection.

HP Z4 Workstation: Ideal for the most challenging of workloads

Perfect for engineering, visualisation and machine learning, the Z4 delivers mainstream performance for a range of applications. Experience real-time, smooth performance on graphics-intensive work via:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Autodesk
  • Revit and more 3D CAD, rendering and simulation applications

Not limited to creative work, Z Workstations are ideal for when you simply
need real-time interaction, low latency and top-notch security on massive 
data sets - when cloud computing can’t compare with local Z Workstation 
power. HP Z Workstations are the optimal platform for edge-computing 


Top 3 Benefits

  • Feature-rich functionality

The Z4 is ahead of its time with more standard features than any other single processor HP Workstation. With multiple configuration options, you can choose the perfect blend of components that meet your performance requirements.

  • HP's most secure Workstations

Advanced security features come as standard on every Z4. Rest assured your device, identity and data are safe with security software like HP Client Security Suite Gen32 and HP Sure Start Gen33 featuring a self-healing BIOS. 

  • Visualisation powerhouse

Visualise your project anytime with the power to move seamlessly between 3D CAD, rendering and simulation applications. The Z4 can easily handle tasks that require high frequency processing, multiple cores and high-powered GPUs for an optimised design process.

Workstation Z4 tower



Bring your Z4 to life with the perfect partner:

Microsoft HoloLens




Woman and man wearing the Hololens and working




Introducing the new revolutionary way to see the world

Holograms are the next evolution in computing. The world’s first self-contained, holographic computer, Microsoft HoloLens blends your physical surroundings with tailor-made digital content such as holograms, multimedia and more

for a revolutionary, breathtaking working experience.


How does it work?

Microsoft HoloLens is made of specialised components that together enable holographic computing. The optical system works in lock-step with advanced sensors. The HPU makes light work of processing a large amount of data per second. All those components and more enable you to move freely and interact with holograms.

The HoloLens can be used flexibly in the following industries:

Architecture and design








What are the options?

HoloLens Development Edition - Ideal for individual developers

A good choice for individual developers who are ready to get started. Documentation, tutorials, and community forums are standing by to support you. 


HoloLens Commercial Suite - Ideal for organisations. Enterprise functionality

The Commercial Suite includes Development Edition hardware, plus a variety of enterprise features for added security and device management. A 1-year warranty is also included.

For more information on HP Z Workstations, contact our specialist, James 

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1.Based on HP’s unique and comprehensive security capabilities at no additional cost and HP’s Manageability Integration Kit’s management of every aspect of a PC including hardware, BIOS and software management using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager among desktop workstation vendors as of June, 2017 on HP Desktop Workstation with 7th Gen Intel® Processors.

2. HP Client Security Suite features vary by platform.

3. Optional or add-on feature.