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BlueParrott Headsets.
High-quality communication in noise-intensive areas.


Sometimes it gets loud: On the production line in manufacturing, field service on customer sites, on-the-move at the airport or in the hubbub of a trade fair, you have to deal with a whole other level of noise than in the office. And yet in these places, it’s often more vital that employees be understood clearly.


In order to be able to effectively communicate with your team or customers in these challenging conditions, you need a headset made for demanding circumstances. BlueParrott headsets are designed exactly for these extreme workplace situations. They can deal with a loud wall of sound as well as with dust and water. Whether you’re in a warehouse or a lorry, a restaurant or a tow truck, whether you have your hands free or not—BlueParrott headsets will ensure that you can understand the person on the other end—and they can understand you. Browse our wide range of headsets to find the one that fits your needs best!

The right headset for every situation.
Who is BlueParrott?

BlueParrott headsets by Jabra are not just for long distance drivers, they're for anyone looking for uninterrupted communication in noise-intensive environments. For more than 30 years, BlueParrott has been combining the world’s best microphones with intelligent noise suppression solutions and has secured a leading position in many industries. The devices offer a high degree of wearing comfort, are extremely durable and offer the best noise cancellation on the market.


When designing its wide range of headsets, Jabra ensures crystal clear conversation quality. Whatever branch you’re in—BlueParrott enables teams to collaborate seamlessly and improves efficiency and security at the workplace.


Why should I choose BlueParrott?


Noise cancelling


  • Uniterrupted communication
  • High comprehensibility




  • Increased productivity
  • Fulfils security regulations


Robust construction


  • Purpose-built
  • Durable


Product range


  • Various wearing options
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices


Parrott Button™


  • User-customisable multifunction buttons
  • Compatible with the push-to-talk mobile app
Where can I use BlueParrott headsets?

In transport and logistics, catering and retail, field service and warehouses, a crowd of people or on a building site—this is where you can use BlueParrott headsets. The Parrott Button™ and voice recognition lets your employees keep their hands free and concentrate on their work. Event managers, lorry drivers, technicians, factory workers, fair visitors, and customer advisors all rely on BlueParrott’s professional solutions. The large number of specialised devices means you’ll find the right premium headset for every scenario.


On-site service.
  • Manufacture 
  • Production/
  • Technology 
  • Shipping/
  • Logistics
For on the move.
  • Field workers 
  • Contractor 
  • Technician 
  • Construction
On the road.
  • Short/long journeys 
  • Car drivers 
  • Home deliveries 
  • Courier services 
  • Transport 
In mail-order trade.
  • Production/
  • Logistics 
  • Dispatch 
  • Sea freight
Made for you:
BlueParrott headsets for all purposes.
Headsets for warehouses and other loud environments.

These devices are specially developed for uninterrupted communication in noise-intensive halls. So you can keep your hands free and the information you need in your ear.


BlueParrott B350-XT.

Engineered for superior calls in high-noise environments.


  • Streams your multimedia. Music, GPS directions, and more.
  • All-day conversations. Up to 24 hours of talk time.
  • Control the headset your way. Customize your favorite features with the Parrott ButtonTM
  • Walk and talk. Roam up to 66ft from paired Bluetooth devices.



BlueParrott VR12 Convertible.

Clear sound with noise cancellation.


  • High-quality audio receivers for accurate, easy-to-understand sound.
  • Flexible microphone boom stays where you put it for optimal sound quality.
  • Lightweight, comfortable design lets users focus on their work, not their headsets.
  • G-style (GN Netcom) Quick Disconnect.



BlueParrott C300-XT.

Comfortable, lightweight, and IP54 rated for water and dust resistance, the C300-XT has been engineered for all-day wearing, whether you work indoors or outdoors – in temperatures cold or hot.


The C300-XT delivers 80% noise cancellation ensuring you can hear and be heard, however demanding the environment you work in. With over 10 hours of talk time, and offering up to 13 days of standby time, the C300-XT is an all-day solution that won’t let you down.



Headsets for the street and use on-the-go.

If you’re on the go a lot, you’ll end up with this BlueParrott series sooner or later. Our BlueParrott® line, long the favourite of professional lorry drivers, is strong and stable enough for life on the road, anywhere you go.

BlueParrott B550-XT.

BlueParrott B550-XT features an IP54-rated design and comes with a 1-year warranty against damage from water and dust. Wherever your day takes you, your job won’t get in the way of reliable connectivity to calls, GPS directions and music.


With up to 24 hours talk time, and 400 hours of standby time, you won’t need to cut short your conversations.BlueParrott B550-XT is a fifth generation Bluetooth wireless headset, with a design perfected for all-day wearing.



BlueParrott B450-XT.

Streams your multimedia. Music, GPS directions, and more.


  • Hands-free VoiceControlTM.
  • Customize your favorite features with the Parrott ButtonTM.
  • Roam up to 300ft from paired Bluetooth devices.
  • All-day conversations. Up to 24 hours of talk time.



BlueParrott C400-XT.

Built to last, whatever the conditions. IP54-rated for water and dust resistant.


  • VoiceControlTM for hands-free use.
  • All-day conversations. Up to 24 hours of talk time.
  • Designed for every wearing need. 3 wearing styles included.
  • Streams your multimedia. Music, GPS directions, and more.