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MFP vs. Desktop Scanners

Improve efficiency in your office with Brother

Decisions that affect the day to day running of a business can be aided by the efficient processing, filtering and sharing of information that flows into the organisation.


Despite previous predictions, most businesses aren’t operating from a paperless office and much of this information is still received in bulk paper based communications, most of which will need to be converted into a digital format to comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

So, what's the best approach to scan? MFP vs. Desktop Scanning


Does your office scan often? The go-to-device of a multifunction printer does many things well, offering a range of print, scan and fax functions. However, there are many business task driven circumstances and environments that require the added benefits that only a desktop scanner can offer.




Other benefits of dekstop scanning:









Takes up little space on a desk



Advanced processing


Documents can be instantly converted to editable formats directly from the scanner


Easy to use


Simple one touch scanning, customised to scan to where the user requires





Scans up to 50 mixed documents with various paper weights and sizes



What can a scanner offer to your business?

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Space saving benefits

Save valuable office space by removing unnecessary paperwork


Reduce running costs

With less consumables to be replaced the overall running costs are significantly less than an MFP


Better for the environment

Going digital has a number of environmental benefits over paper processes

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Isn't the world going paper-less? Why would we need a scanner? 


With the environment a leading concern both in and out of business, the idea that paper-less offices were the future still seems a long way off. As a leading manufacturer within print and scan, Brother carried out research to explore the working habits within the everyday office and to discover how they were working to reduce paper usage. In fact, through their research, it was found that 63% of the managers asked thought that a paper-less office was impossible. Instead, a Paper-lite office is the way forward.

Introducing the Paper-lite office
Paper-lite means using less paper to achieve a range of efficiency, security, productivity and environmental advantages. Scanners, mobile technology, cloud storage and file-sharing platforms have all made this a truly achievable ambition for businesses. 


Want to know more? Read the full Paper-lite report from Brother here:




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