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Spring clean your office and update the essentials with CHERRY

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The traditional mouse that we know and love, only quieter. 
Featuring 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, the CHERRY Gentix 
Silent mouse is the everyday essential that an office worker 
needs but without those noisy clicks. Featuring low-noise buttons, 
this mouse is perfect for offices where the noise levels need to be 
kept to a minimum.


  • Special no-click buttons, ideal for offices with several workplaces
  • Perfect ergonomics for hands both small and large
  • Precise sensor with 1000 dpi resolution
  • Pleasant to the touch due to abrasion-proof surface finishing
  • Rubber-coated side sections for optimal grip
  • Extra long USB cable (1.8 m)



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With a 45° angle, you don't need to place your hand completely 
flat on the CHERRY MW 4500. Enjoy a more natural hand position, 
allowing you to work without fatigue and with fewer problems 
with your wrist and tendons. Adjust the resolution to one of 3
levels, with a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi, allowing precise 
navigation, and jump to the next or previous page with the two 
additional thumb buttons.


  • Special no-click buttons, ideal for offices with several workplaces
  • Particularly ergonomic form in a 45° design
  • Precise sensor with 3-level, adjustable resolution
  •  Status LED indicates low battery charge
  •  6 buttons and a scroll wheel
  •  Pleasant to the touch due to abrasion-proof surface finishing
  •  Extra small nano receiver
  •  Right hand only



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The new biometric mouse from CHERRY is a standard looking 
mouse, featuring the traditional 2 buttons and scroll wheel, but 
with the added extra of a built-in fingerprint sensor. Ideal for 
keeping your work secure in line with the GDPR. 
The CHERRY MC 4900 also works in conjunction with Windows 
‘Hello’ (Windows 10) as a plug and play device.


  • Fingerprint reader in the mouse
  • Easy logon using fingerprint
  • Windows Hello
  • 3-button mouse
  • SDK for integration into other applications
  • Optical sensor (1375 dpi)
  • Symmetrical mouse
  • 1.8 m cable with USB connection



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 Also Available: CHERRY STRAIT 3.0 FOR MAC

If you're looking for a wired alternative for your Apple Mac keyboard, the CHERRY Strait 3.0 for Mac could be just for you. Stylish, modern and with a metallic look, ultra-flat design, the CHERRY Strait 3.0 for Mac screams pure elegance for the office. Built using high-quality workmanship and durable laser inscription, this product has been built to last, making it the perfect partner for everyday use.


  • High-quality finish for lasting reliability
  • Purist design for the office and living room
  • Durable abrasion-proof laser inscription of keys
  • Ultra-flat keyboard with Mac-specific key layout
  • Whisper keystroke: Ideal for everyday work
  • USB connection for Mac



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