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Add an extra layer of security with Cloud Mailbox Defense and protect your customers' Office 365 mail boxes


Stay one step ahead of attacks with enhanced protection against even the most sophisticated identity deception threats. Cyber criminals are continuously finding new ways to infiltrate your network. Spoofing, ransomware, phishing, zero-day attacks and Business Email Compromise are just a few of ways they can breach organisations.


Microsoft Office users are most at risk of falling victim to email-based malware, with Office files accounting for 48% of malicious attachments.
What are the key benefits?

Cloud Mailbox Defense is an integrated cloud-native security solution for Microsoft 365 that focuses on simple deployment, easy attack remediation, superior visibility, and best-in-class threat intelligence from Cisco Talos.

Cisco Umbrella is cloud-delivered network security which provides users with the first line of defence against cyber security threats - on or off the network.

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