Meraki Go

Meraki Go makes networking easy for busy people.

All businesses are not the same, so why should their networks be? Meraki Go is a complete, cloud-based networking solution for WiFi and wired devices that embraces businesses’ unique needs and adds value. From providing customization for an engaging experience to making informed staffing or marketing decisions using the built-in analytics, Meraki Go is an ideal business partner.


With Meraki Go products - including indoor and outdoor access points, network switches, and a security gateway - it’s simple to add lasting value. An optional security subscription for the security gateway provides protection from phishing and malware.


Adjust bandwidth for video-streaming or downloads, blocking malicious websites, keeping WiFi separate for specific business tasks, and more with Meraki Go access points. Real-time tasks requiring fast, secure connections, like VoIP calls, video chats, and security camera monitoring, are made just as simple with Meraki Go switches and security gateways.


All the powerful settings such as bandwidth limit, port alerts, multiple WiFi, web-blocking, guest WiFi, location intelligence, and splash pages, are just a few taps away in the app. Stay proactive with in-app network health views, automatic updates, guest insights, and support - all without any subscription.


Meraki Go makes networking easy for busy people.

Key Features 
  • Remote management and support via an intuitive mobile app
  • Quick, guided installation with no technical knowledge needed
  • Separate business and guest networks on the same device 
  • Engage guests with a custom branded landing page in seconds 
  • Adjust traffic limits and block websites per user or network
  • Prioritize critical business applications for increased efficiency
  • Make informed decisions around staffing, inventory, marketing, etc. by leveraging insights into guest foot traffic, dwell time, and loyalty    -  Powerful router and firewall ensure business security 
  • Remotely view and enable/disable switch ports
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          Made by Cisco

          Cisco Designed for Business
          Connect, Computer, Collaborate, Securely
          Video Conferencing for Small Business

          It’s never been so easy to get work done.
          Embrace the power of video conferencing tools for your small business and securely connect with your team on any device, from any location.

          Features & benefits

          Meet face to face from anywhere

          Joining a meeting has never been so easy.
          Whether you are on your mobile, desktop, or in a conference room, you can join high-quality video meetings with a click of a button.

          Get everyone on the same page

          Deliver a stellar presentation or collaborate in real time on a project, by easily sharing an application or your entire screen with remote attendees.

          Keep work moving

          Team collaboration tools let you move work forward before, during, and after the meeting with messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, video calls and more. 

          Webex meetings

          Integrate Webex with your existing go-to apps and keep projects on track

          With Cisco Webex Meetings, we’re making it easier than ever for everyone to be seen, be heard, and work together  effectively, even when they are miles apart. Anyone can join a meeting from inside or outside the organization, using  mobile, desktop, video room devices (even a third-party device), or their browser. Everyone can enjoy consistent,  easy meeting experiences and be fully engaged in the meeting, without technical complexity. Organizations need to  implement solutions that remove the complexity of the video meeting experience—with crystal-clear audio and  content sharing in the same meeting. For more effective, secure, and reliable meetings, use Cisco Webex.


          Schedule, host, and join Webex Meetings video conferences right from the apps you work in every day.
          By integrating Webex Meetings with your calendar and other productivity apps, you can more easily meet without interrupting your workflow.
          Broaden your team collaboration without limits.

          Google Drive

          Webex meetings works well with others.

          Integrate with the apps you love to use everyday, so your work remains connected.

          • Google
          • Microsoft
          • Salesforce
          • Box
          • Apple
          • Slack
          • Appspace
          Webex teams

          Make teamwork your best work

          • With Webex Teams integrations and bots, you and your team can boost productivity by incorporating your applications right into the Webex Teams workflow.
          • Tie to other solutions across a range of categories, from productivity and social apps, all the way to vertical solutions such as healthcare.
          • View notifications about what’s happening in other apps.
          • Interact with bots to push and pull information to other systems.
          • Stop interrupting your workflow, and get more done from a single place.

          Featured Webex Teams integrations:

          • Box
          • Jira
          • Trello
          • SalesForce
          • ServiceNow
          • SharePoint Online
          • OneDrive for Business

          Don't get hooked

          Do you know how to avoid
          getting caught in a Phishing email?
          Don't get hooked!
          Add an extra layer of security with Cloud Mailbox Defense and protect your customers' Office 365 mail boxes.

          Stay one step ahead of attacks with enhanced protection against even the most sophisticated identity deception threats. Cyber criminals are continuously finding new ways to infiltrate your network. Spoofing, ransomware, phishing, zero-day attacks and Business Email Compromise are just a few of ways they can breach organisations.

          Microsoft Office users are most at risk of falling victim to email-based malware, with Office files accounting for 48% of malicious attachments.
          What are the key benfits?
          • Cloud Mailbox Defense is an integrated cloud-native security solution for Microsoft 365 that focuses on simple deployment, easy attack remediation, superior visibility, and best-in-class threat intelligence from Cisco Talos.
          • Cisco Umbrella is cloud-delivered network security which provides users with the first line of defence against cyber security threats - on or off the network.
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