Keep remote workers productive and safe with Cisco Secure Remote Work.

Keep remote workers productive and safe with Cisco Secure Remote Work.

Stay productive while securing your data, anywhere & everywhere

In the wake of the pandemic, remote working has become the new normal and people are using multiple devices to log-in across diverse geographies. So, it is no longer a matter just of productivity or connectivity, it is more about defending data and empowering employees with secure remote working options to help accelerate success and protect company’s future and employees all at the same time.

Presenting, Cisco Secure Remote Work that brings enterprise-grade, cloud-based collaboration and security solutions together in one package that’s easy to purchase, deploy, and use, in a price less than a cup of coffee.

Eveything you need to securely connect from anywhere

Remote work isn't going away. In fact, over the last decade, working from anywhere has become more prevalent with 56% of companies allowing or even requiring remote work. 


  • Video conferencing, collaboration, and secure calling are increasingly becoming an IT requirement for businesses of all sizes, especially small and midsize businesses, which are twice as likely to hire full-time remote employees as their larger counterparts.
  • The ability to easily onboard new employees regardless of physical location enables companies to move more quickly and hire expertise on a project basis.
Complete solution for remote work


Cisco Designed Secure Remote Work includes everything you need:

  • Webex messaging and meetings for around-the-clock, work-from-anywhere collaboration
  • Secure Access by Duo for verifying the identity of users, devices and applications
  • Umbrella cloud security for a first line of defense against threats
  • Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox email security for blocking malware, spam and phishing emails
Cisco Webex

Webex messaging and meetings for around - the - clock, work - from - anywhere collaboration.

Cisco Duo

Duo multi-factor authentication for verifying the identity of users, devices, and applications.

Cisco Umbrella

Umbrella cloud security that provides the first line of defense against threats.

Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense

Cloud Mailbox Defense email security for blocking malware delivered through spam and phishing emails.

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