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Multi-task Faster with Dell EMC SC Series.

Intelligent all-flash and hybrid storage solutions, powered by Intel Xeon processors.

Turbo-charge your workloads with the affordable, tansformational, flexible SC Series from Dell EMC.

The smart choice for modern workloads in mid-sized organisations, the SC series arrays offer full-flash or hybrid configurations to deliver your choice of blistering performance or balanced, tiered storage for mixed applications.


Maximize the speed and business impact of your applications:




Dell EMC SC Series All-Flash

The performance-centric design of the SC Series' all-flash configurations lets you take your business to the next level of productivity. Ideal for workloads like VDI or private cloud, the SC Series delivers modern SSD performance with simplicity, flexibility, and value.

  • Transformational Performance

End-to-end flash helps you do things you thought were impossible, taking your business to new levels of productivity and success. SC All-Flash’s active/active, performance-centric design keeps IOPS and throughput high as you scale up and out, while ensuring every dollar you spend is targeted directly on application acceleration.

  • Dynamic Intelligence

Purpose-built to adapt to constant change and growth, SC All-Flash boosts workloads without interruption, even as environments evolve unpredictably. The days of saying “no” to business opportunity because of rigid storage infrastructures are over. You now have unprecedented flexibility to test new ideas and shift strategies on the fly, helping your data center become a
key competitive enabler for your company.

  • Efficiency and Value

Automate your cost savings with innovative self-optimization features, including Intelligent Deduplication and Compression. Pervasive “thin methods” and intuitive management tools maximize and extend critical resources – and best of all, the entire suite of advanced SC Series software features is enabled by default. No extra licenses to buy or maintain!


Dell EMC SC Series Hybrid

Advanced, automated, tiered storage with intelligent deduplication makes performance affordable for all businesses. The SC Series hybrid storage arrays offer cost-effective, predictable performance for mixed workloads.

  • Advanced Auto-Tiering

Achieve IOPS goals with the least expensive mix of storage media, even as performance needs evolve. Data Progression and RAID tiering eliminate manual provisioning and help your storage adapt to the unique requirements of each workload.

  • Deduplication and Compression

Dramatically reduces the raw capacity required to store your data.

  • Multi-Array Federation

Gives you freedom to make fast changes without interrupting applications and users.

  • World-class Deployment and Support Options

From intuitive customer-installable solutions, to expert onsite and
remote professional services, SC Series has what it takes to ensure your installation goes right the first time.

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1,2,3 Based on April 2017 internal Dell EMC testing, compared to previous-generation SC4020. Actual performance will vary depending upon application and conguration.