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Why Choose A Workstation? 


Ultimate Power Without The Limitations

Workstations are a key component within most creative industries providing the power and performance required, without ever having to compromise on how you work to achieve this. 

Who would use a Workstation? 
Why Fujitsu?

Within the 82 years of Fujitsu's history in the IT industry, Fujitsu have also acquired 27 years of workstation experience. In fact, they are a top 4 global player.

What makes Fujitsu workstations competitive?



  • High system quality
  • Experienced engineering
  • Manageability capabilities
  • ISV certifications 




  • Ergonomic and user-orientated design
  • Quiet systems
  • Long lifecycle


Environmentally friendly


  • Bulk-packaging
  • Technological innovations



  • Fujitsu are a pioneer of desktop and mobile workstations
  • Security (PalmSecure™, ATP)
  • Thermal management and cooling
 The top 3 reasons to choose a Workstation rather than a high-end PC



  • Processors: 
    Intel® Xeon™ single and dual-processor 
    Up to 2 x 28 cores 
    High frequencies (up to 4.20 GHz)
  • High-speed memory: DDR4 memory with up to 2,400 MHz
  • Professional graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Fast system I/O:  15k rpm and PCIe SSD NVMe drives
  • Workstation virtualisation



  • Workstation ISV certification
  • Server-class technology: i.e. RAID capable storage, SAS controller, ECC memory, Xeon processors
  • Form factor and power supply characteristics more conducive for high thermal and electrical demands
  • Long lifecycles of minimum 36 months
  • Support of 24/7 operation (business critical)



  • Maximum component selection (processors, graphics cards and hard drives) 
  • Graphics:
    Up to 3x graphics cards
    Full height graphics
    Optional configurable
  • Plentiful expansion bays
  • Support of compute cards
  • Windows® Server 2012 and Linux OS support
Who would use a Workstation? 
What are the specifications?
 These Workstations are VR ready too!



VR is now more recognised than ever within the creative world, helping architects see and edit their designs in a realistic scale long before they’re built. But with the latest wave of low-cost, high-fidelity VR, it’s now possible for firms of all sizes to get the benefits of virtual reality.


However, powering these VR experiences and design applications requires a workstation designed with virtual reality in mind. That's where Fujitsu Workstations come into a world of their own. With no compromise when it comes to professional Virtual Reality, you can enjoy a fully immersive, real-time experience with Fujitsu and NVIDIA.




 Also available…
FUJITSU Displays P Line

Cutting edge display technology and innovative solutions 


  • Wide viewing angle technology
  • Colour and grey scale accuracy
  • Ultra High Definition 4k resolution
  • Patent-applied Presence Sensor
  • Human centric call and status indicator
  • Maximum energy efficiency 
  • Sophisticated ergonomics 

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