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Optimise your IT with HP Device as a Service.


In today's market, business faces key challenges around the provision of client devices including: 

Significant upfront financial investment.


Management of a multi-vendor estate.


Efficient device provisioning.


Adherence to regulations concering disposal, data destruction etc.


With a rapid increase in the number of devices per person, plus the addition of personal devices entering the workplace, the challenge arrising for IT teams in maintaining a secure and manageable IT environment is becoming increasingly difficult.


Plus, with an increase in multiple operating systems on different types of devices, this has created new entry points for security breaches and made it more difficult to proactively manage the IT environment.


What's the solution?

HP Device as a Service (DaaS) makes it easier to manage the diversity of multi-OS desktops, workstations, and mobile devices so your business can operate at its full potential.


An effective DaaS solution can resolve all of the above issues, and more:

  • Provide PROACTIVE ANALYTICS* ensuring all of your devices are working to full capacity
  • Improve IT team EFFICIENCY
  • OPTIMISE YOUR SPEND on hardware and software
  • SYSTEM MONITORING on an individual or business wide level
  • Supports your EXISTING ENVIRONMENT**
How does it work?

In connection with HP, Bechtle will work with you to design and implement a DaaS solution that’s tailored to meet your specific business needs and provides recognisable value.

Select from a wide variety of devices


Choose a device mix that’s as unique as your business, with a wide selection of HP commercial notebooks, desktops, mobile and specialised products, including HP Chrome Enterprise devices.


View the list of devices here.

End-to-end Lifecycle Services

HP DaaS plans include lifecycle services that have been carefully selected to provide the best support tailored to your needs.

1. Discover and Design

Consultment, Assessment and Solution Design Services.


2. Configure

Save time and increase productivity by configuring your devices to your specifications.


3. Deploy

Delivery, staging, installation and device set-up services designed to help you get up and running quickly.


4. Optimise

Consulting services enable you to increase user uptime with fast resolution of device issues.


5. Maintain

Choose from a wide range of global services for coverage, protection, and support to improve user uptime and IT cost predictability.


6. Recover & Renew

Protect your business data with HP's secure end of use services and prepare for a technology refresh in an environmentally friendly manner.

HP Techpulse
Management with insight.

Secure and manage multi-OS devices, and proactively identify and mitigate issues with insightful HP TechPulse analytics. HP's Service Experts can enforce security policies and perform daily management with leading endpoint management tools.

Flexibility is key

You shouldn’t have to pay for more than you're using, that's why with HP Lifecycle Services, you can tailor your solution to exactly what you want, and will use. From design to configuration, maintenance, and end of use, HP Lifecycle Services take care of it all. The finance is flexible too, with the convenience of a single price per device and the flexibility to adjust both your devices and services up or down to suit, based on changing workplace and workforce needs.

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