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Now you see it. Now they don't.

Security threats can come from anywhere.

Security threats are rising daily and hacking techniques are getting more advanced. With more people working on the go, security measures have never been more important.


Did you know?

60% of employees now take their work outside of the office walls?This means you need to ensure your employees are protected.


Are you secure?


1. How new are your PCs?

If your PC is more than 4 years old, there's a significantly higher risk of a breach.



2. Do you have a security solution that protects all entry points?

PCs are potential opportunities for your security to be compromised. To ensure you are protected, your organisation needs to have the most up-to-date hardware and software security features.

3. Do you have the right security features to keep your business protected?

HP has a well-thought out, considered strategy and portfolio of solutions to protect documents, devices, identity and data across a range of the PC hierachy.



4. Is your security solution manageable?

HP develops and delivers end-to-end services and management tools to protect your fleet of PC's across your organisation.


Is someone looking over your shoulder?

One of the most common security breaches is visual hacking. Passwords, biometrics, BIOS backups and anti-viruses are just some of the methods that businesses use to protect sensitive information, but many overlook the most low-tech form of theft - stealing a glance at someone's computer screen, otherwise known as visual hacking.


Visual hacking is the act of viewing or capturing sensitive, confidential, or private information for unauthorised use. This information may be displayed via a PC screen, electronic device, or simply via a document left to one side. Visual hacking can be catastrophic. One small piece of information could lead to a huge data breach and hefty financial consequences.


Visual hacking has extremely high success rates

1. Lost productivity from visual privacy concerns can cost a company more than $1 million per year.5


2. In 63% of trials, the visual hacker obtained sensitive company information in less than 30 minutes.6


3. Nearly four pieces of private information were visually hacked per trial.7

HP Sure View protects you from visual hacking

HP Sure View

HP Sure View is an integrated privacy screen that helps to protect the information on your notebook screen at the touch of a button. HP Sure View is available as an option on selected new HP devices.


How does it work?

Activated by pressing FN + F2, visual protection starts to occur when others are looking at the screen at 35° from the center. Beyond that, the content is obscured by reducing up to 95% of the visible light, hindering any would-be visual hackers.


Visual hacking isn't the only security threat

With threats becoming more advanced on a daily basis, HP have developed a range of integrated security solutions to transform your device into a self-defending PC.


Take a look for yourself:

It's not just your business data at risk from security threats. Your personal identity could be at risk too. Choose industry-leading measures, designed by HP, that have been designed to help you protect, detect, and restore so you are protected inside and out, regardless of the threat:


Take a look at some of the basics to get you started:


HP Sure Start


HP Multi-Factor Authenticate9

What does it do and why do you need it?

In today's world, Malware is being designed to attack your PC at its very foundation – the BIOS.


A successful attack on the BIOS can be undetectable with antivirus programs and can even survive a disk wipe / OS reinstall.


How does HP Sure Start help?

HP Sure Start is the industry’s first “self healing BIOS” that protects/detects/recovers in case of an attack or firmware corruption, including SMM8

What does it do and why do you need it?

Passwords no longer provide the level of security that's required for today’s security threats. Passwords can easily be hacked.


How does HP Multi-Factor Authenticate help?

Combining 2 authentication factors makes it a million times harder to hack passwords10.


Multi-Factor Authenticate lets you require users to identify themselves in multiple ways before they can access the PC.


HP Manageability Integration Kit (MIK)11

What does it do and why do you need it?

To secure an entire fleet of PCs, IT admins must be able to manage security settings remotely, Microsoft SCCM is a popular tool to do this. Today, an IT admin needs to develop a plug-in for SCCM to manage new features/ SW/ BIOS/ Policies on PCs.


The HP Manageability Integration kit provides a plugin for Microsoft SCCM to make it easy for IT to remotely manage security on HP PCs.


How does the HP Manageability Integration Kit help?

HP has done the hard work for IT admins with the HP MIK plug-in for Microsoft SCCM - saving time and enhancing security with remote management of security settings and policies.

Find out more about HP’s most secure business devices:

A sophisticated choice, combining industry-leading security with beauty, durability, and functionality.
High-performance and expandable PCs with industry-leading security in a choice of flexible form factors.
A portfolio of immersive and adaptable displays to expand your visual experience and enhance your workstyle.

2. HP Biosphere features may vary depending on the PC platform and configuration. 
3. HP Sure Start is available on HP EliteBooks only.

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8. Based on PC competitors as of December 1, 2016 with >1m units annually with BIOS level detection and self-healing, attack detection in runtime memory, BIOS configuration and policy protection.
9. HP Multi Factor Authenticate requires 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor, Intel® integrated graphics, and Intel® WLAN
10. Assuming a brute-force attack where both authentication factors are 10-character passwords in a 94 character alphabet using NIST SP 800.63-2 estimates for password guessing entropy, each password is an aggregate of characters selected at random from the alphabet, the passwords are separately selected and unrelated to each other, and the system protected by the two authentication factors requires that both factors to be correctly entered before granting access to the protected resource.

11. HP Manageability Integration Kit can be downloaded from