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Go new ways with HPE Proliant servers and AMD EPYC-CPUs.

AMD EPYC™ – Performance for the industry’s first uncompromising 1-socket solutions.

2-socket features and performance on a 1-socket budget.

IT organisations around the globe have budget and space limitations to contend with, made all the worse by servers that are not used to their best potential. These data centres are missing the option of a high performance 1-socket sever developed to unburden them and lower procurement costs. AMD EPYC keeps its promise when it comes to reduced overall operating costs and lets organisations dimension correctly for key data centre workloads without compromise.


AMD EPYC boasts up to 32 cores, 8 memory channels and 128 PCIe® 3.0 lanes per CPU, providing the capabilities and performance that were only previously possible with 2-socket architectures.

AMD EPYC 2-socket solutions.

Balanced architecture for optimal performance.

With up to 64 cores, 4 TB of memory and 128 lanes for PCIe connectivity, the AMD EPYC SoC 2-socket servers offer flexibility, power, and security features to efficiently support demanding workloads.

HPE ProLiant DL385.

Need a purpose-optimised platform for your virtualised and memory-heavy high performance computing workloads. Try something epic – EPYC™. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is expanding its range of the world’s securest industry standard servers with the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10-Server with the AMD EPYC series 7000 processors. This platform has been developed with the security and flexibility you need to take demanding enterprise workloads in hand. With up to 64 cores, up to 32 DIMMs or 4 TB memory capacity and support for up to 24 NVMe drives, the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server is an affordable server solution with exemplary security.



HPE ProLiant DL325.

Looking for a compact platform with built-in security and flexibility that communicates with the most important applications such as virtualisation and software-defined storage (SDS)? With the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 server, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has expanded their range with the world’s securest server according to the industry standard. This secure and versatile platform based on 1U AMD EPYC™ with processor (1P) offers an excellent balance of processors, RAM, and I/O for virtualisation and data-intensive workloads. With up to 23 cores, up to 16 DIMMs, 2 TB RAM capacity, and support for up to 10 NVMe drives, this server provides the power of 2 processors with the affordability of one.



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