Reinvent the classroom.

Keep students engaged.

On average, educators spend 3-4 hours a day in lectures with students1


of teachers time is now spent in virtual classes


of students are not satisfied with the audio or video quality of remote learning classes1

Teachers need to keep students engaged when teaching remotely1

The landscape of learning has changed. With teaching happening remotely across the globe, the challenge for the education sector is keeping students engaged and focussed. As classrooms go virtual, technology plays a key role in this transition. With 44% of students saying poor audio and video is affecting their learning, the right tools can help ensure the class stays together, learning at the same pace. Jabra have engineered world-leading technology that’s designed to bring people closer, no matter where they are.


To give students the lessons they need, teachers need superior audio and video to enhance both the teaching, and the learning:

Classroom Teaching


With Jabra devices, teachers can reclaim their classroom space. Jabra PanaCast uses three 13-megapixel cameras to create a full 180° wall-to-wall view of the classroom, freeing teachers from their desks and allowing them to walk around, write on the whiteboard and use their learning aids, just like they usually would.


Solution: Jabra PanaCast & Speak 710


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Flexible Teaching


With many teachers currently delivering lessons from whatever space they have available, flexibility is essential. With the increased mobility that Jabra products bring to the table, teachers can simply pick up their PanaCast and their Speak 710, or their Evolve2 headset, and take it with them without worrying about compromising on lesson quality.


Solution: Jabra PanaCast, Speak 710 and Evolve2 65


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Virtual Learning


With Jabra PanaCast, students get a front row seat to their class, from the comfort of their home. Outstanding wall-to-wall video ensures that their whole classroom is visible, while our Evolve2 headsets offer unrivalled’ professional-grade call quality, so each student can be fully present and engaged, and there’s nothing standing in the way of their learning.


Solution: Jabra PanaCast, Speak 710 and Evolve2 40


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Bringing the whiteboard online


The PanaCast Whiteboard feature enables easy, live sharing for any PanaCast set up. Using the unique 180° field-of-view, you can live share content from up to three whiteboards digitally. It’s the most flexible content-sharing camera on the market, and best of all? This intelligent feature is completely free.


  • Setup is free and simple, and once you are set up, it couldn’t be easier to toggle between whiteboards in the Jabra Vision app
  • Advanced algorithms capture whiteboard content in real time, from any position in the room – even if the whiteboard is angled away from the camera
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom

1Jabra Customer Database Survey April 2020