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Microsoft products and services can be broken down into three key areas, also known as the Microsoft Clouds. The most commonly known is the productivity cloud where collaboration and output tools such as Microsoft Teams, Word and Outlook sit. Alongside this are two other areas, Microsoft Azure which harnesses powerful hosting and analytical capabilities relating to infrastructure. The third cloud area is focused on day-to-day business operations, this is known as Microsoft Dynamics 365, where you can build and maintain agile business processes within a unified ERP and CRM system.  

What is Dynamics 365?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a single, integrated platform comprised of intelligent CRM and ERP Business Applications. 

This cloud-based suite of Business Applications encompasses ERP functionality which is financial, accounting, and operational software with traditional CRM capabilities such as customer service and front of house or salesfloor activities. 

With powerful built-in reporting capabilities, it enables organizations to evolve from reactive business decisions to proactive insights that allow your employees to accelerate business results.

In its entirety, the platform is comprised of seven unified business applications tailored to your business requirements supported by the Microsoft Power Platform that helps you analyse and automate with minimal technical experience. The beauty of this model is that you can choose the business applications that you need, whether it is one standalone Sales Application or the combined use of Commerce, Operations and Finance. The business applications sit on a common database called the Dataverse, allowing the data from each app to flow seamlessly into one another, offering an insightful and connected network of business applications.

Why move to Dynamics 365?


With a variety of licensing plans and scalable business applications, this is not a one size fits all model. There are lighter versions of the apps for those organisations that do not need an extensive level of functionality, Microsoft have tailored these to SMB organisations to ensure they don’t pay for what they don’t use.

On the other end of the spectrum, the business applications offer rich functionality for global and enterprise level organisations with multiple entities operating under different legislations.

With a per user, per month licensing model you have the option to scale up or down depending on your business needs or seasonal changes that occur in your industry. You can also purchase licenses depending on the level of access your users need for the system, whether that’s light touch read only access or complete admin user rights.



Why Bechtle?

We can manage your entire Microsoft license estate in one place, whatever the agreement across all three Microsoft clouds. We offer annual licensing reviews to ensure that your licenses are compliant and in line with your business changes. Our team are always on hand to help, scheduling product updates and roadmap reviews to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Microsoft investment. In addition to this, our Microsoft solutions are complimented by our professional services arm that can provide end-to-end support from workshops, implementations, migrations all the way to end user training and adoption.

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