Empower Firstline Workers and transform the way they work with Microsoft 365


What is a Firstline worker?


Firstline Workers are frequently the first to engage customers, the first to represent your brand, and the first to see your products in action. It's crucial that this workforce has the modern tools and devices they need to increase productivity, streamline communication, and do their jobs successfully. This video provides an overview to the solutions Microsoft offers to empower your team.

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Day in the life of a Firstline worker: 
How can Bechtle help?


Microsoft 365 offers extensive tools to improve user productivity. However, most organisations are either unaware of the full range of benefits within Microsoft 365 which they are already paying for, so end up duplicating tools with other solutions, or are simply paying for functionality that users do not need. Both situations result in money being spent where it does not need to be.

Here at Bechtle, we offer a variety of workshops and packaged solutions to help you optimise your licensing needs. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about our Teams Enablement workshops or License profiling reviews.

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