The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree all-in-one conferencing system. It allows remote participants to feel part of meetings by displaying a full panoramic view of the meeting room, as well as an AI voice-activated tracker, making collaboration and conversation the focus of your meetings.

With several different modes and well-designed features, this award-winning device will adapt to your environment. It can reduce constant non-human noises like air conditioning units and the 8-mic array will pick up voices within a range of 5.4m.

Without the need of permanent installation, this device can be moved from room to room as needed, or even be used as a bookable service to make the most of your space. A no-fuss approach requiring only a power supply and a USB connection to a computer. No software is required to start your meetings, just a plug and play experience which can be enjoyed by even the least tech-savvy participants! 

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  • 360° camera, mic and speaker
  • Smart video conferencing powered by AI
  • Panoramic view of everyone in the room

Wirelessly syncs all the Owl Labs devices in your space for seamless meetings

Enables two paired Meeting Owls to detect the active speaker in large rooms

Modulates speaker volume for an optimal remote listening experience

Effortlessly improves features and capabilities with routine upgrades

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