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Polycom Trio.

Smart Conferencing for all your meeting rooms.

Polycom Trio delivers the best ever audio experience from the huddle room to the boardroom - making every conversation, every spoken word just that much clearer. Not only does RealPresence Trio break through the sound barrier by providing the most amazing sound quality, but it also redefines the category by serving as the smart hub for your group collaboration and bringing easy-to-use, no-compromise visual collaboration to spaces that were previously cost prohibitive.
Polycom Trio is the smartphone for your modern conference room needs. Marrying our legendary HD voice quality with powerful video and content performance, Polycom Trio is scalable for all your meeting spaces.

Legendary Audio



  • Enhanced HD Voice and 360 ° microphone coverage
  • Easily pair your mobile device or laptop to Polycom Trio Conference Phone using USB or Bluetooth
  • Polycom's exclusive NoiseBlock technology
  • Add another dimension to your audio conferencing by adding videoconferencing and content sharing using Polycom Trio Visual+ or RealPresence Group Series


Powerful Video Conferencing and Content Performance


  • Powerful video conferencing cameras: select from a variety of feature-rich EagleEye cameras
  • Versatile content sharing capabilities to present locally or remotely, either wired and wirelessly
  • Increase video adoption since users are confident they always know how to use the technology in every room


Scalable for Every Environment



  • Select the right components for every space – adding tracking cameras, ceiling microphones, or wireless content as needed depending on the requirements of each unique meeting space
  • Multi-ecosystem support allows for connectivity to multiple platforms simultaneously – ideal for hybrid environments (link to video)
  • Consistent management and deployment, minimizing IT resource requirements as one common provisioning and management approach for all conferencing rooms requires less time to learn and oversee


One Solution. Many Possibilities.

Polycom Trio offers a consistent user experience in a variety of room sizes and configurations. With Polycom Trio at the center of the table – users will enjoy the same workflow in small, medium and large rooms eliminating challenges that many organizations face today with disparate business tools throughout the organization.


Small Room

Polycom Trio 8500 is a smart conference phone for small to medium sized conference rooms. The compact, yet powerful EagleEye Mini, 4x ePTZ camera provides business-class video conferencing. You can also bring your own device and share content to add another dimension to your meetings.


Medium Room

The Polycom Trio 8800, when combined with Polycom’s 12x mPTZ EagleEye IV USB and Polycom Trio Visual+, makes team meetings of 6-8 people productive and efficient.


Large Room

Perfect for teams of 8-10+ people, Polycom Trio 8800 combined with the Polycom RealPresence Group Series, gives you the ultimate advantage in price performance and choice. Enjoy dual displays, HDMI input for content sharing, and advanced video camera options such as EagleEye Producer.

Polycom Trio 8500

Polycom Trio 8500 Conference Phone – smart conferencing for small to mid-sized conference rooms. Deploy Polycom’s legendary HD voice quality with future-proof options for video conferencing and content sharing.



Polycom Trio 8800

Polycom Trio 8800 Conference Phone – smart conferencing for medium to large conference rooms. Deploy Polycom’s legendary HD voice quality with future-proof options for video conferencing and content sharing.