Chromebook 4 | 4+ 

Work smarter, not harder


The Samsung Chromebook 4 is compact, but is built for convenience. Slim and light, it’s also exceptionally portable: It won’t weigh you down, even if you have to carry it around with you all day. What’s more, it’s sturdy and ready to brave the elements with you – wherever you venture.

You won’t see any screws on the back of Samsung's Chromebook 4. All of its sides are clean and smooth for a more eye-catching look.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Top
Simplify tasks to maximise output


While technology can make employees’ lives easier, the always-on access to so many different devices can, ironically, lead to them burning themselves out.


What employees need is a single device that lets them complete all the different tasks in hand, simply and efficiently, so they can work productively.

From a business perspective, those devices must be secure, durable and easy to manage.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Bottom
Zero-screw design


Zero screws for an eye-catching look.


Samsung Chromebooks have been carefully designed so that there are no screws on show.

This helps create a modern, sleek look. It also stops dirt and dust collecting, and helps to prevent tampering.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Bottom
Samsung Chromebook 4 Open
All-new solidity design


Sophisticated, clean and stylish design.


Samsung Chromebooks are as stylish as they are strong. They’re sleek, modern and slimline too, so they’re easy to carry around and use in any sort of work environment—in the office, on the go or at home.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Half Open
Long-lasting battery


Battery power that won't let you down.


You don’t have to worry about leaving your charger behind when you’re using a Samsung Chromebook—the long-lasting battery will keep you going.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Half Open
Samsung Chromebook 4 Open Back
USB-C port for power, fast charging and video


USB-C port so you only need one connector. 


From fast-charging your battery to downloading important documents, it’s quick and easy with Samsung Chromebooks. Thanks to the USB-C port, they only need one connector. And, if you’re using a USB-C monitor, you’ll only need one cable too.

So, that’s fewer bits to get in the way—and to keep track of.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Open Side


Multi-layered protection to give you more freedom. 


Samsung Chromebooks are less vulnerable to attacks as they’re covered by multiple layers of protection. So, if any one layer is bypassed, others are still in effect. With this extra protection, you can work with more confidence.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Open Side
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